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Hanako Kamado (竈門かまど 花はな子こ Kamado Hanako?) was Tanjiro Kamado’s younger sister who was killed by Muzan Kibutsuji.


Hanako is a young girl with shoulder-length black hair with bangs above her eyebrows. She has large dark red eyes with white pupils and pale skin like the rest of her family.

Hanako also wears a peach Iromuji kimono tied with a pale peach ribbon and a pale pink haori over it.


Hanako loves her older brother and sometimes likes to seek his attention. Like her other siblings, she is upset that she cannot accompany her brother to the village.


Hanako grew up on a mountain alongside her siblings and mother. She is the youngest daughter of the Kamado family.

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Final Selection Arc

Hanako and her brother, Shigeru Kamado, want to follow Tanjiro to town to sell charcoal with him. However, their mother stops them and says they would only slow Tanjiro down.

While Tanjiro is in town, Hanako and the rest of her family except for Nezuko are attacked and killed by Muzan.

After Tanjiro is knocked unconscious by Giyu Tomioka, Hanako, her deceased siblings, and her mother are seen staring at Tanjiro with worried expressions.

Entertainment District Arc

When Tanjiro fights Daki, Hanako is briefly seen begging her brother to breathe before he can exceed his life limit.

Abilities and Powers

Hanako has no abilities and powers outside of her normal human abilities.

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  • The first kanji in Hanako’s name means “flower” or “blossom” (花はな Hana?). While the second kanji is a common feminine suffix, which translates to “child” (子こ ko?). The first kanji of his surname refers to a traditional Japanese wood- or coal-fired stove (竈かま Kama?), while the second kanji means “door” (門ど do?).
  • The fact that his surname translates to the word for a wood-fired stove is likely a reference to his family’s occupation before their disappearance.
  • Hanako shares her English voice with Makomo.
  • Hanako possessed a wooden puzzle box like Kotetsu.