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Information about Gyomei Himejima

The current Stone Hashira and considered the strongest of them. A man of gigantic stature, Gyōmei is a former monk who cared for orphaned children. After the children were murdered and he was framed for the crime, even though he protected them from a demon, he became more ruthless but still just as caring. At first he feels sorry for Tanjiro because Nezuko was a demon, but he later recognizes this after seeing how honest he is. He is the only Hashira who does not use a sword, fighting with a huge ball of metal chained with spikes, which he can wield with ease due to his massive size and strength. He loses a leg in the final battle against Muzan before dying from his wounds.

History of Gyomei Himejima

Before Gyomei was a demon slayer and a pillar, he lived with nine other orphan children whom he raised in a temple. The area was well known for demon attacks, so Gyomei always burned wisteria incense to ward off demons that might harm him and the children.

One night, one of the nine children disobeyed the rules of the temple and came into contact with a demon. To save his own life, he told the demon to eat the other children, including Gyomei. As night fell, the child invited the demon into the temple after extinguishing the wisteria incense.

Four children were immediately killed by the demon, and the other children insisted on escaping the temple, ignoring Gyomei’s orders. His frail stature and blindness fueled the children’s mistrust of Gyomei’s ability to protect them, leading to them abandoning him and being killed by the demon.

Eventually, only one child – the youngest, Sayo – listened and stayed behind in fear of the demon.

Although it is unknown how the exchange took place, Gyomei had been cut in the forehead by the demon, but he quickly reversed the situation and began attacking the demon mercilessly after realizing he had “a frightening amount of power”. He went on and beat the demon’s head until the sun came up.

Shortly after, people came to the scene of the incident to help, but due to a misunderstanding with Sayo, they said, “This man is a monster. He killed them. The villagers thought she was talking about Gyomei and not the demon.

He was later imprisoned and charged with the murder of the seven children but Kagaya Ubuyashiki, alias “Oyakata-sama”, intervened and was released before being executed for his false crimes.

Later, Gyomei became a Demon Slayer and later the Stone Pillar.

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Personality of Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei embodies the gentle giant archetype, being surprisingly gentle and sensitive, despite his intimidating appearance. He is also shown to be very pious, wearing his prayer beads at all times and offering prayers in poignant situations.

Although he is quite reserved, Gyomei has a very objective and somewhat suspicious view of the people around him, due to the experiences he had before becoming a Demon Slayer. He is always aware of what others, especially children or younger ones, are capable of if given the opportunity. Due to his doubtful nature, Gyomei can take a while to accept and trust others. When he opens up and lets others in, he is unwavering in his commitment to them.

Powers and Abilities of Gyomei Himejima

As the Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Gyomei is a very powerful swordsman. He is considered by Tanjiro and Inosuke Hashibira to be the greatest Demon Slayer in the entire Demon Slayer Corps. This is also confirmed by Kokushibo, the first higher rank, who noted that Gyomei’s natural physical abilities were trained to the maximum and also stated that in the past three centuries he has not encountered a warrior of the caliber from Gyomei. He was able to fight against the strongest Higher Rank for a short time without using his Demon Slayer Mark, which further shows the extent of his skill.

Gyomei Himejima’s Natural Abilities

Master Swordsman: As the Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Gyomei is one of the strongest and most skilled swordsmen in the entire organization.

Immense Strength: Gyomei possesses immense physical strength, as shown when he uses his strength to push a large boulder larger than himself through a city. Through “repetitive actions”, he is able to perform a series of predetermined movements in order to maximize his concentration. Even before undergoing Demon Slayer training, Gyomei already possessed incredible strength despite his weak build the moment he discovered his abilities.

Immense Reflexes: During their fight, Kokushibo noticed that in contrast to Gyomei’s large size, he possesses extremely quick and sharp reflexes allowing him to easily move around his body to dodge all of his attacks. The top brass even remarked that the ease and grace with which he moved was almost too absurd to believe.

Immense Stamina: Gyomei possesses a tremendous level of physical stamina, being able to withstand multiple attacks from Kokushibo, the first of higher rank, receiving only minor injuries and continuing to fight.

Better Hearing: Due to his blindness, Gyomei compensated and alternated his senses to accommodate his condition, effectively developing a superhuman sense of hearing, being able to hear the sound of Muzan’s flesh regenerating. Kibutsuji during their brief confrontation. Later, during his battle against Upper Rank 1, Kokushibo noticed that Gyomei uses the sound of his chains rattling to indicate the exact position of the chain and uses it to guide his ax and flail during battle. .

Crimson Red Nichirin Blade: During the battle against Kokushibo, Sanemi strikes Gyomei’s spiked flail with his sword, briefly turning them both red. Later, during the battle against Muzan, Gyomei is able to turn his spiked flail and ax red by hitting them together.

Demon Slayer’s Mark: Later, during his battle against Upper Rank 1, Gyomei showed that he, too, has awakened his mark, appearing as a cracked earth crack, like patterns on both of his forearms . When activated, it greatly increases his physical and mental abilities, allowing him to fight Higher Rank 1 for a long time.

A transparent world: A different perspective of the world. Despite being blind, Gyomei gained the ability to see a perfect image of his enemies in his mind and sense them naturally.

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The art of the sword

Unique Weapon: Gyomei wields a swinging and whipping weapon similar to a kusarigama, consisting of an ono (axe) attached to a spiked flail by a long chain. To compensate for his lack of vision, Gyomei uses the sound of the chain to direct the movement of the ax and flail, allowing him to wield the weapon effectively. The weapon was forged from the same metals used in the creation of Nichirin’s blades. Its craftsmanship is particularly renowned for being of very high quality, and even superior to swords forged during the Sengoku period, when sword-making was at its peak. Even the top Rank 1, Kokushibo couldn’t cut the chain and was forced to resort to close range combat.

Stone breathing:

First Form: Bipolar Serpentinite: Gyomei throws both the flail and the ax towards his target and manipulates the chain by spinning it, causing the ax and flail to also spin to pierce and hone through his target.

Second Form: Superior Strike – Gyomei throws his ax and spiked flail for a pincer motion before smashing the chain to cause the flail to bounce back and smash his target from a distance.

Third Form: Stoneskin – Gyomei launches a series of swinging ax swings around him to deflect nearby attacks.

Fourth Form: Volcanic Rock – Rapid Conquest – Gyomei wields both the flail and the ax at both ends of the chain, swinging the chain to both sides in order to strike opponents using a twin prong attack from a long distance.

Fifth Form: Arcs of Justice – Gyomei strikes his opponent with a simultaneous barrage of ax and iron ball.

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