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Final Selection Arc

The Final Selection arc (Saishū Senbetsu Hen?) is the first arc of Kimetsu no Yaiba.

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Tanjiro Kamado and his sister Nezuko Kamado are featured as the series’ main protagonists. The Kamado family is slaughtered by demons and Nezuko is turned into a demon. This chain of events pushes Tanjiro on his journey to avenge his family and return his sister to human form.

In order to complete his mission, Tanjiro must become a Demon Slayer. Giyu Tomioka sends the Kamado siblings to his teacher, Sakonji Urokodaki . Sakonji collects them and trains Tanjiro to become a swordsman. Nezuko falls into a deep sleep during the two years Tanjiro takes to master water breathing.

While training, Tanjiro encounters two spirits of former Sakonji students. They train Tanjiro and give him the strength of all of Sakonji’s fallen children. This allows Tanjiro to qualify for the Demon Slayer Corps’ final selection.

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On Mount Fujikasane, where the final selection takes place, lives a demon who killed thirteen of Sakonji’s students. Makomo and Sabito believe that Tanjiro can be the one to avenge all of Sakonji’s children. Tanjiro crosses paths with the demon and struggles to overcome its power. However, with the guidance of the souls closest to his heart, Tanjiro manages to defeat the monster.


Tanjiro and four other students are the only ones to survive seven days of final selection. They are marked with the lowest rank of Demon Slayer and each of them chooses a Nichirin Blade Ore. Tanjiro returns to Sakonji ‘s house to find that Nezuko has woken up. She kisses him and they reunite after years, along with Sakonji, who is grateful to see that one of his children survived. A few days later, Tanjiro’s blade is delivered to him by a blacksmith and turns black when he holds it. Shortly after, he receives orders for his first mission.

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