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Enmu is a member of the Twelve Kizuki, occupying the position of Lower Rank 1

Enmu Appearance

Enmu takes the form of an incredibly pale young man with rimmed blue eyes that slant steeply to the sides of his face, the left one of which has the “lower rank” kanji etched into the iris and a horizontal line on the right instead of a pupil. He has three square-shaped markings on each of his cheeks, separated by a smaller square, which fades from green to yellow, and straight, chin-length, dark black colored hair, which he wears parted to his right, the right side being tucked behind his ear. Her hair turns orange-red near the ends, but appears blue at the end of the two long locks that curl up and outward below the base of her neck, from the rest of her hair.

Enmu wears a long black buttoned coat that arches upwards on either side of his legs, so that only the two tails in front and behind fall below his knees, and a white shirt whose cuffs appear over those of his coat. He also wears light gray striped pants and plain shoes of the same color.

Personality Enmu

Enmu has a very sadistic personality, and he is renowned for enjoying the pain and suffering of humans, his preferred method of torment being to give them a happy and pleasant dream before turning it into a nightmare. He takes pleasure in the suffering of others, enjoying the agonizing expressions they make as he tortures them. This sadism even extends to his fellow demons, as he rejoices to see his lower-ranking comrades being killed before his eyes.

Like most Demons, Enmu has shown to care little or nothing for human life, viewing humans as mere pawns, as he does not bother to warn his human minions of the various dangers that they incur when confronting the Demon Slayers, simply viewing them as useless objects. He also seems to delight in turning humans into his desperate servants by using his power to give them beautiful and pleasant dreams, before snatching them away and falsely promising to give them more if they help him.

Enmu was also shown to be intelligent and cautious, fully understanding the strengths and weaknesses of his power and making sure to exploit and avoid them respectively in order to succeed. However, after receiving more blood and thus being empowered by Muzan, Enmu seems to have become overconfident, arrogant and greedy, as seen when he begins to act more recklessly to get more blood from Muzan in order to correctly challenge one of the Higher Ranks to a bloody duel to take their place.

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Rehab Training Bow

fter all the other members of the lower ranks have gathered at Infinity Castle, Muzan appears before them in her female form. He looks at them with annoyance and tells them to lower their heads and squat in front of him. After they all do this, Mukago says she regrets being ordered to bow, as she didn’t recognize Muzan in his current form. Muzan angrily asks why is she speaking without permission, telling her to shut up and not speak unless asked a question directly. As she lays in fear at her feet, Muzan explains the death of Rui, the only member of the lower ranks who was not among those gathered before him, and asks the other Demons why they are so weak. .

Muzan explains to them that being in the ranks of the Twelve Kizuki is not the end, but only the beginning of what is to come. He states that their sole purpose is to consume blood to benefit him. Muzan angrily retorts that it’s been over a century since the upper ranks were last replaced, while the lower ranks are replaced all the time, to which Kamanue figures to himself that he can’t just tell them. that. Able to read the minds of those he shared his blood with, Muzan angrily asks Kamanue why they couldn’t be told that, extending his arm into a tentacle to grab the Lower Rank by the neck and lift him up. the air.

A terrified Kamanue attempts to apologize, but is quickly devoured by Muzan as Enmu and the rest of the lesser Rangers keep their heads bowed in shocked silence.

Afterwards, Wakuraba thinks to himself that he is also going to be killed, so he must do more to maintain his Lower Rank position, and, simultaneously, Mukago thinks about how she flees every time from the mere mention of a Hashira. Muzan repeats their two thoughts out loud, and a terrified Mukago exclaims that what she thought is not true and that she would fight with her life at stake for him. Muzan asks her if she is denying what he was saying, and as Mukago begins to apologize and cry, another thrust from Muzan’s tentacles crushes her to the ground, killing her.

Shocked by this situation, Wakuraba immediately imagines the worst and decides that it would be wiser to flee rather than stay if he wanted to save his life. He rushes out of the Infinity Castle at high speed, and Enmu, with a sadistic smile on his face, thinks to himself that it was a stupid move to make since Muzan will kill him anyway. This conclusion turns out to be correct, as Wakuraba’s head is quickly severed, so fast that he wonders how he could have died in his final moments.

With one of the two lesser Rangers still alive, Rokuro panics, exclaiming that he can definitely still be of use to Muzan if he puts off his death a bit longer. Muzan asks him how he could be of use, how long the adjournment would last, and what power he could wield as he was. Rokuro explains that if he had more of Muzan’s blood, he could adapt it and definitely become a strong fighter worthy of his leader. Muzan angrily throws Wakuraba’s head next to Enmu and Rokuro, asking Lower Rank 2 why he should get more blood and saying he should know where it stands. Rokuro tries to protest, but Muzan silences him and says that since he tried to instruct his leader, Rokuro deserved to die. After killing Rokuro,

When asked for his final words, Enmu expresses his joy at seeing Muzan kill him personally and seeing the suffering of the humans and his rankmates, thanking his leader for leaving him until the end. Muzan then changes his mind as he glances at Enmu. Enmu is then stabbed by a needle-like appendage in his neck and receives a generous amount of blood from Muzan, who tells him to be of use to him by killing the Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. Muzan promises that if he kills Demon Slayer with Hanafuda Earrings, Tanjiro Kamado, Enmu with will get even more blood. Enmu is then sent out of hiding to a street. Enmu then has a vision of Tanjiro, his target, which excites him to get even more blood from Muzan.

Infinity Train Arc

Later, he stands on the steam engine, remarking that dying while dreaming is a blessing. One of Enmu’s hands talks with the train driver about the success of the Demon Slayers falling asleep and does the same to him. He then addresses the other conspirators, warning them of how to proceed with their plan and his host’s temporary inability to move. Back on top of the train, Enmu’s main body ponders his plan to destroy his targets’ spirit cores, leaving them completely vulnerable, and the fragile nature of human hearts. As his plan begins to unfold, he notes his victims’ inability to wake up and stop his twisted plan.

Enmu then notices that his human pawns were having trouble destroying the spirit cores, but he decides that’s fine as they’re just buying time. Soon after, he turns around when Tanjiro approaches him, greeting him and stating that he showed him a pleasant dream, but he could have had a nightmare out of it. Smiling, the Demon then told Tanjiro that his next dream would be to bring his father back to life.

Enmu questions his enjoyment of showing humans first pleasant dreams and then nightmares, as well as the details of his plan, but he also wonders how Tanjiro managed to wake up so quickly. He then notices the Demon Slayer’s earrings, much to his delight, his only thoughts being to receive more blood from Muzan and challenge the higher ranks with his newfound strength. An enraged Tanjiro attempts to attack the Lower Rank, but Enmu quickly puts him to sleep. The young man just as quickly breaks Enmu’s technique, despite the Demon’s multiple attempts, causing the surprised Lower Rank to compliment his determination. His neck is then sliced ​​by the enraged Demon Hunter, but a tireless Enmu merely states that he now knows why his leader wants Tanjiro dead, and reveals to the shocked young man the reason for his survival: he merged with the train while they had all been asleep. Taunting Tanjiro to protect the two hundred passengers inside him, Enmu’s severed head melts into the train.

Through the joint effort of Tanjiro and Inosuke Hashibira, they manage to uncover Enmu’s head and subsequently decapitate him by completely cutting out the train’s upper engine compartment. Enmu, completely in disbelief at his failure, begins to curse all Demon Slayers, Nezuko and the higher ups for being inferior to them in power. As his body slowly disintegrates, he at least attempts to kill the weakened Tanjiro and Inosuke but once again fails as his body begins to crumble faster. As he dies, Enmu begins to curse his failure even more and frantically thinks the whole debacle is a nightmare and demands to be done again as he has finally crumbled.

Abilities and Powers of Enmu

As Lower Rank 1, Enmu is the strongest Lower Rank and closest to the strength of the Upper Rangers. By receiving more blood from Muzan, his power and abilities were further enhanced. However, as shown by his loss to Tanjiro and Inosuke, he is far from a high-ranking demon and thus is not comparable to the less powerful Daki, Gyutaro and Kaigaku of the higher ranks.

  • Regeneration – Like all Demons, Enmu possesses powerful regenerative abilities. Since he is of the lower rank, it is likely that his self-healing power is higher than that of the average Demon.
  • Train Tickets – By mixing his blood with the ink from train tickets, Enmu can put anyone who has held them to sleep, making them vulnerable to his powers.
  • Connecting Rope – Enmu can create a unique type of rope using his own flesh, which, when attached to a sleeper trapped in one of his dreams and a stranger, allows the latter to enter the dreams of that person. To enter the victim’s dreams, the stranger must first attach himself to himself at both ends of the rope, then fall asleep counting backwards.
  • Fusion – Enmu also has the ability to absorb and embed himself into large inanimate objects. He is able to assimilate a train and transform it into his main body, planning to eat all 200 passengers on his new train.
  • Flesh Detachments – Enmu exhibits the ability to create Flesh Detachments from his own flesh and blood, being able to create and detach one with his own hands and dispatch it independently of his main body. Later, after receiving more blood from Muzan, he is able to create a detachment as large as a human body in order to trick others into thinking it was his real body.

Blood Demon Art: Enmu’s main ability is his power to enter, manipulate and control someone’s dreams. He is even able to kill someone by destroying their “spirit core” inside the dream, effectively destroying their spirit and leaving their body as an empty shell. However, it must be noted that there is a danger of being affected and possibly changed mentally by the unconscious mind of his victim, as seen when one of Enmu’s human agents is touched by the inner goodness of Tanjiro and then loses his will to kill him. This is why Enmu, instead of entering the minds of his victims, always brings someone else into the target’s dream.

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  • Whispers of Forced Unconscious Hypnosis – A mouth forms on his hand, which tells the target to sleep and forces them to sleep.
  • Eyes of Forced Unconscious Sleep – Enmu creates several eyes on which the “Dream” has been written, and upon gazing at them, the target falls asleep.

Enmu fight

Ark of the Infinity Train: Tanjiro Kamado and Inosuke Hashibira vs. Enmu

Quote from Enmu

(To himself): “I must say that I like to show a nightmare after showing someone a good dream. I like to see the contortions of a human face! Watching someone struggle with their grief and pain is so much fun!

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