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Demon Slayers vs. Enmu


The battle between the Demon Slayers and Enmu took place on the Infinity Train. The battle pits the demon slayers Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Inosuke Hashibira, as well as the demon Nezuko Kamado and the Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku, against the lower-ranked Enmu.


Enmu uses his Blood Demon Art to put Tanjiro to sleep.

Enmu’s comments enrage Tanjiro, who immediately prepares the tenth form of Water Breathing: Constant Flow in order to decapitate Enmu, who unleashes his Blood Demon Art: Whispers of Forced Unconscious Hypnosis. Enmu tells Tanjiro to sleep as the Blood Demon Art is released through his hand’s mouth, causing Tanjiro to lose consciousness and fall asleep. The Demon Slayer, on the other hand, quickly regains consciousness and continues to use Water Breathing to fight the Lower Rank. Enmu continues to put Tanjiro to sleep with his Blood Demon Art, but he keeps waking up because he keeps killing himself in his dream. This goes on until Enmu decides to show Tanjiro how angry and disappointed his family is with him because they believe he abandoned them to die because of a demon. Tanjiro is enraged because his brothers and sisters, mother, and even father insult him, knowing that his family would never insult him under any circumstances. This is why Tanjiro can use the tenth form of Water Breathing, Constant Flow, to decapitate Enmu.

Tanjiro notices Enmu’s lack of reaction during the beheading, leading him to believe he was himself in a dream. or that he was simply weaker than Rui, the previous Twelve Kizuki member against whom he had fought. Enmu, on the other hand, notes that “that person” ordered him to kill Tanjiro Kamado and the other Hashira, and he expresses his displeasure with the Demon Slayer’s existence. Enmu’s disembodied head is connected to the train ceiling by a huge bundle of flesh as he says this. Enmu tells Tanjiro that even a child can understand why he won’t die even if he is decapitated by a Nichirin Blade, and Tanjiro watches in disbelief and fear. He claims that it is not his actual body, but rather his flesh and bones that have merged with the entire train.

Tanjiro, panicked, rushes back to the passengers to defend them, despite his claim that he could only protect two cars at most. He screams at Kyojuro and the others, pleading with them to wake up so that they can protect the passengers. Inosuke Hashibira, shouting his slogan “EXPLOSIVE AWAKENING!”!! “, makes a faint noise from inside the Infinity Train. Tanjiro tells Inosuke to deal with the passengers who come to the latter’s frustration because of his dream, relieved but serious. Inosuke then leaps into the crevice he’s created and lets out his beast breath, Fifth Fang: Crazy Cutting, wanting the passengers’ admiration when they wake up, Tanjiro goes to another train car through a window and uses Water Breathing, First Form to cut one of the fleshy growths.

Nezuko Kamado prepares to defend nearby passengers from Enmu’s bugs by punching, smashing, and kicking them in another part of the Infinity Train. Soon after, one of them approaches a passenger, and Nezuko puts her arm between them, taking a punch. Nezuko tries to cut the larva’s arm with her fingernails, but another larva grabs her other arm and then both of her legs, strangling her completely. A sudden lightning bolt from several nearby cars ignites and destroys all of the growths trapping Nezuko before they tear her apart. Zenitsu Agatsuma, who is still asleep but whose natural instincts are awakening, uses his Thunder Breath, First Form: Thunder Clap and Flash, Six Fold, to quickly slice and destroy all surrounding larvae. Zenitsu tells Nezuko that he will do anything to protect her as he finishes the technique, but he quickly loses focus and ends his sentence awkwardly.

Tanjiro on the other side of the train hears the sound of lightning behind him and inquires if Zenitsu and Kyojuro have awoken. As he charges a Flame Breath technique, presumably Flame Breath, First Form: Fire Unknown, Kyojuro is shown blaming himself for sleeping through the near-death experience of hundreds of passengers. Tanjiro and the others are knocked off their feet by the impact of his techniques, which shakes the entire wagon and even neighboring wagons off the tracks. As the Infinity Train comes to a halt, Kyojuro approaches Tanjiro in the same carriage and explains that there are eight carriages total, of which he will defend the last five and Zenitsu/Nezuko the remaining three. Having said that,

Tanjiro arrives just in time to save Inosuke with the Sixth Form of Water Breathing: As the severed pieces of flesh fly away from the train, it creates a whirlpool. Everyone, including those in the back cars, hears Enmu scream in pain. When Tanjiro hears this, he assumes the “weak point” is nearby and asks Inosuke to open the floor they’re on to see if the Lower Rank’s weak point is present. Second Fang: I’m tired of being commanded by my “subordinates,” so I’ll use my beast breath. Slice all the way down to the ground to see large vertebra-like bones. When Tanjiro notices Enmu’s backbone, he uses Water Breathing, Eighth Form:

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With fleshy hand-like appendages flailing around, the flesh that defended the neck bone spreads rapidly in all directions. As the flesh continues to expand into the nearby arena-like structure, Tanjiro grabs the train driver and jumps to a safe distance with Inosuke. Tanjiro asks Inosuke to assist him in combining their breathing techniques to cause spinal damage, but Enmu interrupts them with his Blood Demon Art: The Eyes of Unconscious Sleep. Tanjiro is constantly falling asleep because he is forced to. When Tanjiro sees the Blood Demon’s art, he asks Inosuke to cut his neck in his dream so he can wake up. As Tanjiro continues to wake up and fall asleep, he loses track of reality and places his Nichirin blade against his neck, ready to slit his throat in the real world. Inosuke grabs Tanjiro’s wrist and pulls him down before he can do so, preventing him from killing himself.

Inosuke informs Tanjiro that this is reality and begins cutting out the inlays of the many eyeballs with the kanji for “Dream” (Yume?) carved into their irises. From there, Tanjiro realizes that knowing Inosuke’s point of view is extremely difficult due to his boar mask. The train driver, however, rushes in with one of Enmu’s flesh-and-blood awls and begs them not to stop the “dream” as he comments on Inosuke’s perception. Tanjiro deflects the driver’s punch to the abdomen by cutting his neck and knocking him out.

Tanjiro says yes when Inosuke asks if he’s okay. Before they can’t communicate anymore, as Inosuke falls toward the train’s locomotive, he smashes his two Nichirin blades into the dozens of Enmu’s Blood Demon Art eyeballs, then uses the momentum of the fall and his mastery of the sword to cut through the flesh protecting Tanjiro’s neck bone with his Beast Breath, Fourth Fang: Slice ‘n’ Dice.

As he transforms from Water Breathing to Hinokami Kagura, Tanjiro begs his father Tanjuro to assist him in defeating the last Lower Rank. He uses the Hinokami Kagura: Clear Blue Sky to sever Enmu’s head, effectively killing him. Enmu screams in pain and horror after being decapitated, then releases his growths in an attempt to consume the 200 passengers on board in order to speed up his regeneration and reattach his severed head. With their respective breathing styles, Kyojuro Rengoku and Zenitsu Agatsuma were able to stop them.

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The aftermath of the fight

While the Lower Rank howls and ingrowths swirl everywhere, the Infinity Train has completely derailed. Tanjiro begs Inosuke and the others to protect the passengers at all costs, but his words fade as the bleeding in his abdomen worsens. Inosuke, concerned, inquires about Tanjiro’s injury, to which the latter responds that he is fine and that he should concentrate more on the passengers. Panicked, Tanjiro realizes that if he dies, the train driver will be a murderer because his abdominal wound proves his “murder.” Tanjiro tries unsuccessfully to grab the train driver as the Infinity Train collides on the ground. Fortunately, because of the train’s momentum, the impact on the ground was relatively minor.

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