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Sound Hashira Foreshadows Zenitsu’s Potential

Thunder and sound breathing have a lot of parallels. Tengen has the ability to teach Zenitsu a variety of new moves that will allow him to reach his greatest potential. The Demon Slayer Corps ultimately destroyed the demons of the Upper Sixth Moon after a long and gruelling battle. Tanjiro and Tengen, the Hashira of Sound, were successful in beheading Gyutaro at considerable cost.

Due to Zenitsu’s tremendous speed, he and Inosuke were able to finish Daki at the same time. The trio of demon slayers have come a long way since their introduction, but they are still far from reaching the level of a Hashira.


Despite the obvious gap between their power, Tengen shows just how strong Zenitsu can become. There are many parallels between the two. Both characters have great speed, their breathing techniques are very similar, and their keen sense of hearing gives them an advantage in fights. Zenitsu might easily acquire the power of a Hashira and become unbeatable if he could develop these powers to their ultimate level.

Zenitsu is a god of thunder

All of the Hashira exhibited insane levels of speed. Tanjiro and Inosuke were unable to visually follow Rengoku’s fight against Akaza. When Giyu was first presented, he was able to sneakily extract Nezuko from Tanjiro’s grasp. Tengen was also very quick. Despite being poisoned, he was able to parry a strike that was inches away from Tranjiro. Hashira appears to be in need of a tremendous quantity of speed.

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Zenitsu, on the other hand, has a lot of speed. In fact, he appears to be the only non-Hashira Demon Slayer who can match their quickness. He was able to surprise Daki due to his speed. His most powerful technique, Thunder Clap and Flash: Divine Speed, allows him to level up. His movements are completely undetectable when going at his maximum speed.

Only two factors prevent Zenitsu from reaching its full potential. He is only able to fight at his best when sleeping, and there is a limit to how many times he can use his godspeed ability. When awake, Zenitsu is plagued by doubt and worry, which prevents him from fighting at full strength. Right now, he can only use Thunder Clap and Flash: Divine Speed ​​twice, and he injures himself badly while doing so. Zenitsu has the potential to be as powerful as Tengen if he can overcome these constraints.

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Thunder and sound work well together

One of the five basic types of Sun Breathing is Thunder Breathing. It’s a devastating combat style that employs fast attacks and lightning speed. Only the first form, Thunderclap and Flash, was mastered by Zenitsu. Despite the fact that he only knows one form, he has perfected it to the point where his whole fighting style revolves around it.


Sound Breathing is derived from Thunder Breathing, and Tengen is the only known user of this style of breathing. He uses a very particular fighting style with his ninja swords and nunchaku-like tools. This breathing style employs bombs to inflict damage as well as fast blows that catch opponents off guard.

Because Thunder Breathing and Sound Breathing are so similar, Zenitsu could simply incorporate both into his arsenal. Zenitsu may mix thunder and sound breathing in the same way as Tanjiro combined water breathing and Hinokami Kagura to create something new. Zenitsu could achieve unimaginable heights if he combined his speed with the deadly power of Sound Breathing.

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Zenitsu and Tengen have perfect hearing

Besides speed, Zenitsu‘s most powerful ability is his hearing. His extremely sensitive hearing allows him to fight while completely asleep. He can detect danger by the slightest sound and even tell what kind of person someone is just by the sound of his body. He was able to figure out that Daki was a demon through his hearing alone.

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Zenitsu isn’t the only Demon Slayer with incredible hearing. Tengen also possesses a superhuman level of hearing. With it, he can mimic echolocation and even identify targets deep underground. His most impressive ability is that of analyzing the sound of combat and deconstructing it into a rhyme. Once he’s finished analyzing sound, he can read an opponent like a sheet of music, predict his attacks and exploit his blind spots.
Zenitsu might be able to master Tengen’s music score skill because he has a hearing level similar to Tengen’s. He’s already proven that he’s got a superb ear. Zenitsu was able to take up an instrument and master it in just a few minutes despite having no prior musical experience. The Musical Score is a skill that would be simple for Zenitsu to learn and would complement his fighting style perfectly.

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