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Hashira Sound is Zenitsu and Inosuke’s Best Traits

The Hashira are masters of their craft thanks to unique characteristics. Here’s how Uzui takes Zenitsu and Inosuke ‘s best traits to the next level in Demon Slayer.

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The Hashira of the Flame, Kyojuro Rengoku, was featured in the “Mugen Train” arc, which picks up after the successful film, and this season continues to illustrate how formidable the Demon Slayer Corps Hashira are. Tengen Uzui, the Hashira of sound and a phenom with a penchant for drama, is the headliner this time as he faces the Upper Moon 6 duo alongside Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu.

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Zenitsu and Inosuke also have a chance to show how far they’ve come since the events of Mugen Train, and it’s difficult not to note how similar some of their abilities are to Uzui’s. This is how the Sound Hashira improves on its best qualities.
Joining the Demon Slayer Corps requires a lot of dedication, skill, and stamina. However, some members also come with unique abilities that, when honed, can truly defy death. One of these abilities is super-hearing which both Uzui and Zenitsu use. Zenitsu’s extraordinary sense of smell, like Tanjiro’s, allows him to notice things like emotional vibrations that are beyond human comprehension.

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This level of hearing can disclose a person’s personality and, in more dangerous situations, evaluate the power of an adversary. Zenitsu’s mastery of thunder breathing is unusual, but he is still capable of moving at breakneck speeds and with incredible intensity.

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Sound Breathing is a kind of Thunder Breathing, and Uzui’s mastery of it allows him to channel his super hearing and speed into blindingly quick, shock-inducing assaults. He uses his hearing to read his opponent’s movement patterns and turn their rhythm against him with every attack. Uzui is the sole Sonic Breath user in Demon Slayer so far, which speaks to his ability to take an already powerful style and make it even more destructive.

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Uzui’s physical strength and agility, despite his height, are another of his most distinguishing characteristics. When avoiding and fighting, Inosuke is shown to have outstanding physical control of his body due to his suppleness and rapid, animalistic motions. Through their upbringing, Inosuke and Uzui have refined their bodies to peak physical fitness. Inosuke’s physical strength is shaped by his need to survive in the wild mountains, while Uzui has had to deal with the rigors of the shinobi profession.

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Moving at the speed of sound, as well as effectively wielding two Nichirin blades, takes a tremendous amount of endurance. Although Inosuke’s Beast Breath is a variation of Wind Breath, his Seventh Form: Spatial Awareness is similar to how Uzui analyses an opponent’s inherent rhythms to choose the optimal strategy. It’s time to act.Neither is shy about advertising their commendable physical abilities – which is completely understandable, given that they’ve literally trained their bodies to the point of moving their internal organs to avoid injury and fight the poison. Uzui , however, is more aware of his physical limitations, while that Inosuke takes a generally more tenacious approach at the cost of taking damage – though he quickly becomes more strategic as Demon Slayer progresses.

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Fans got a peek of new heights that Zenitsu and Inosuke could achieve, as well as an outstanding exhibition of Sound Hashira’s extraordinary strengths, with Tengen Uzui leading the struggle against Daki and Gyutaro.

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