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Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Streaming

In this article, I’ll tell you when and where you can see Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba and the film The Infinity Train. I’ll also show you how to view the first season of the critically acclaimed anime series Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba. Finally, I’ll let you know when Season 2 of Demon Slayer will be released.

  • Watch Demon Slayer: Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: The Infinity Train is available to stream exclusively on Funimation (2 week free trial) in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia at from Tuesday, June 22, 2021.
  • Best Way to Watch Demon Slayer Season 1 – Funimation (2 Week Free Trial) offers all 26 episodes of this critically acclaimed anime plus 3 specials to get people up to speed before going to see Demon Slayer – The Movie: The Infinity Train. Funimation is also able to deliver Season 2 when it releases later this year.
  • When will Demon Slayer Season 2 be released? Demon Slayer Season 2 will be released in Japan in October this year, according to the Demon Slayer Matsuri Online anime festival (2021).

On the same day, the film will also be released on video-on-demand services like Apple TV, Microsoft Store, Google Play, PlayStation Store and Amazon Prime Video.

Where to watch the Demon Slayer series in streaming (legally)?

On Funimation, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Netflix, you can watch every episode of Demon Slayer. Learn more about how to watch Demon Slayer on various services by reading on.


Demon Slayer Season 1 is available on Netflix. Depending on how many screens you use at the same time, Netflix costs between €8.99 and €17.99 a month. The following Netflix packages are available.

  • Premium – €17.99 per month – 4K HDR – allows four simultaneous viewings
  • Standard – €13.99 per month – HD – allows two simultaneous viewings
  • Premium – €8.99 per month – SD – allows only one simultaneous viewing
  • Most streaming devices are supported by Netflix. For additional information, see their support website. For more information on Netflix, visit our Netflix review.


Wakanim SAS is a French entertainment firm that owns and operates the Wakanim video-on-demand streaming service, which specialises in the internet streaming and simulcasting of Japanese anime episodes. It is also the first company in Europe to offer animated series videos for download without digital rights management.


Canal+ is a premium television channel in France that debuted in 1984. The Canal+ Group, which is owned by Vivendi, owns it 100 percent. The station transmits a variety of programming, the most of them are encrypted. Unencrypted programming is available for free on Canal+ and Canal+ Clair through satellite.


Funimation is a streaming service dedicated solely to anime.

Despite offering anime in Japanese with English subtitles, Funimation is the best service for discovering anime dubbed in English. The service has all of the episodes of “Demon Slayer” and delivers the last season of the show dubbed in English barely 2 to 3 weeks after it aired in Japan.

You can purchase a premium subscription for €5.99/month after a two-week free trial. You are not obligated to continue and can cancel at any time. This package contains subtitled and dubbed episodes, as well as the opportunity to simultaneously watch two streams.

The service also offers a “Premium Plus” membership that allows you to view on five devices at once, download episodes, and more. Funimation is available on the web as well as on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and other streaming devices. For additional information, see our Funimation review.


Crunchyroll also has all of the episodes of “Demon Slayer” available. On the site, you can watch all of the episodes of “Demon Slayer” for free. You must view in standard definition, and there are advertisements, but it is completely free. You can view the episodes without advertisements and in high quality if you upgrade to a premium subscription. After the 14-day free trial, the premium subscription costs €7.99 per month.

“Demon Slayer” is available in a subtitled form on this service (with subtitles).

For more information on this streaming service, see our Crunchyroll review.


The cheapest choice after Crunchyroll is Hulu’s streaming collection, which starts at $5.99/month. Hulu has all of the episodes of “Demon Slayer” available on demand. Other advantages of Hulu membership include the following: Original Hulu series including The Handmaid’s Tale, Shrill, and The Act are available to stream.
Popular shows such as This Is Us, Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident, and others are currently airing new seasons. Select from Disney+, Hulu, or ESPN+. Only €12.99 per month for these three services!

Almost all streaming devices support Hulu. Check out our review of Hulu’s streaming library for more.

Demon Slayer Season 2 Release Date:

Demon Slayer Season 2 Release Date: Demon Slayer Season 2 will be released in Japan this year, according to the Demon Slayer Matsuri Online Anime Festival (2021). In October 2021, the series is expected to return. The official Season 2 trailer may be seen below.

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