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This Cosplay Transforms Nezuko From Smol To Swole

Buffy Nezuko returns in a muscular new Demon Slayer cosplay that proves Muzan has the wrong family.

Demon Slayer Kimono Cosplay Costume Kimetsu No Yaiba Kamado Nezuko.jpg Q90.jpg

Cosplayer Metalslimer produced a new version of Tanjiro Kamado’s adored young sister, which he described as “kawaii and brutal” on his Instagram profile. Buff Nezuko first debuted in Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga on a single page, when Tanjiro dreams that Nezuko has suddenly become taller and stronger than him, with her chin even growing muscular. Tanjiro awakens from his dream, glad to see that his sister has not transformed into a giant.An anime adaptation of Tanjiro’s Nightmare debuted in a recent episode of the anime’s second season. Buff Nezuko has become a renowned meme among Demon Slayer fans, spawning innumerable works of art and, of course, cosplay.


Metalslimer’s other imaginative cosplays may be seen on their Instagram page, which also includes photos of their equally memorable Exorcist costume. Cosplayers dressed up as Batman villain Bane and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles anti-hero KC Jones, among other characters from comic books. They’ve also played a range of other characters, including Ryu from Street Fighter and a bizarre rendition of Ronald McDonald, the McDonald’s trademark clown.

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Buff Nezuko was absent at this year’s Jump Festa, publisher Shueisha’s annual event honouring Shonen Jump magazine and all of the series it helped launch, including Demon Slayer. Plain Nezuko, on the other hand, made an appearance in a new piece of artwork displayed at the occasion. As part of Tite Kubo’s legendary shonen series 20th-anniversary exhibit, Buff Nezuko creator Koyoharu Gotouge displayed his interpretation of Bleach heroines among six other notable manga writers.

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Fans of Demon Slayer may begin their cosplay by purchasing Bandai’s new Premium Replicas of Inosuke’s distinctive pair of Nichirin swords. The swords, which have a faithfully modelled serrated blade, textured hilt, and sound effects mixed with the boar-headed swordsman’s peculiar ferocious breathing manner when his blades are crossed, were recently available for pre-order in Japan.

demon slayer buff nezuko season 2

The second season of the anime adaption of the series is now underway. The anime series is available to watch on Crunchyroll and Funimation, while the manga is published by VIZ Media in North America.

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