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After Tanjiro‘s family was killed by a demon, only his sister, Nezuko, remained alive, albeit in demon form. His mission in life is to find and kill the leader of the demons and find a cure for his sister to become human again.

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I can’t convey how engrossed I was for the entire season, thus this review will contain a lot more pros for this anime than the first impression. First and foremost, I’d like to discuss the anime’s plot. The story is extremely frequent, as I mentioned in my first impression. The anime is essentially about a group of individuals entrusted with fighting demons, with the main character seeking vengeance on the main monster. However, the way they depicted the entire plot was pretty thrilling. Giving us several demons with various strengths and various demon slayers with various levels of abilities.

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A solid plot is definitely necessary for every anime; else, it will be doomed. And the fact that this animation is so fundamentally simple makes it a contemporary popular anime. The nicest part about mainstream anime is the massive fan base it attracts. It allows viewers to predict what will happen in the future while also allowing them to develop feelings for each character individually. And this anime knows how to portray its supporting characters, giving characters like Zenitsu, Inosuke, and others lots of screen time. As a result, characters other than Tanjiro are more likely to be liked.


Finally, I must add the most enjoyable aspect of anime: the animation. This is by far the best anime I’ve ever seen in terms of art and animation. The smoothness of the movements, the way they show off each character’s powers, the vibrant colours, and so much more contribute so much to the anime’s overall feeling that it feels tenfold. I feel that the anime’s success is primarily due to its animation, which not only makes the anime more entertaining to watch but also improves the combat sequences.

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The anime has a lighthearted tone to it, making it more enjoyable to watch. The ending piqued my interest for future seasons and piqued my interest for a compelling villain. We were able to view the strongest of the Demon Slayer corps by showing the Hashira, and it was really fantastic to watch because you could see how powerful they were just by looking at their characters and personalities. So far, they’ve shown a glimpse of the strongest demon slayer as well as the strongest among demons in this season alone, indicating that action sequences will be epics in the future.

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