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5 Characters Who Love Tanjiro (And 5 Who Can’t Stand Him)

While the majority of the characters in the series like Tanjiro, some find his personality irritating or outright aggravating. The main character in Demon Slayer is Tanjiro Kamado. Despite losing his family to a demon, he is a compassionate young boy who has not lost his compassion. He became a demon slayer not just to discover a cure for his sister’s demonization, but also to keep others from suffering the same fate as his sister. The majority of the characters Tanjiro encounters during the series are similar to him. People are drawn to him because of his generosity, while others appreciate him because of his dedication to his aims. It is not, however, for everyone. Some people are turned off by his personality, which they find irritating or outright obnoxious.

Likes Him: Hotaru Haganezuka loves Tanjiro but doesn’t want to admit it


Hotaru is a swordswoman who makes Tanjiro’s swords. Hotaru’s aggressive inclinations drove away his other customers, thus Tanjiro is the only one who trusts him to make a sword. Hotaru adores forging swords for Tanjiro, despite the fact that he threatens and attacks him anytime he loses or destroys his blade. He is so dedicated to his profession that even when he was attacked by one of Muzan’s most powerful demons, he laboured diligently to make Tanjiro’s new blade ideal for him.

Dislikes Him: Obanai Iguro dislikes Tanjiro’s friendly nature.

Tanjiro’s welcoming demeanour irritates Obanai Iguro. Most people Tanjiro meets are instinctively friendly. He goes out of his way to be courteous, even if someone doesn’t like him or he doesn’t like someone. Obanai, on the other hand, is the polar opposite, openly despising everyone who isn’t Kagaya Ubuyashiki or Mitsuri Kanroji.

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He has feelings for Mitsuri, so he immediately hated him when Obanai heard him talking about Tanjiro. The training he gave Tanjiro was brutal, and when Tanjiro finished his training, Obanai warned him never to talk to Mitsuri again.

Likes: Muichiro Tokito learned compassion from Tanjiro

Muichiro appeared frigid at first, with no emotion or sympathy. After Tanjiro persuaded him to help others, this changed. Muichiro chose to follow this advise, and as a result, one of the persons he helped saved his own life.


Muichiro’s prior memories surfaced, and his rediscovered compassion drove him to develop feelings for Tanjiro. During their training sessions, he even displayed evident preference for Tanjiro, helping him to advance quicker than the other students.

He Doesn’t Like Him: Sanemi Shinazugawa Thinks Tanjiro Is Too Curious

Sanemi and Tanjiro informed each other straight up that they don’t like one other. Sanemi didn’t appreciate Tanjiro’s bluntness and directness, so he savagely hit him multiple times throughout their training session. Tanjiro intervened when Sanemi attempted to attack Genya. The resulting brawl becomes out of hand, and the two guys are forbidden from coming near each other. If Tanjiro observes any form of sibling disagreement, he can’t stop talking, and though Sanemi won’t confess it, Tanjiro knows Sanemi’s genuine feelings toward his brother.

Likes: Nezuko Kamado would protect Tanjiro with her life

Tanjiro’s younger sister is Nezuko. The two have an incredible closeness that has only grown stronger since they lost the rest of their family. After becoming a demon, Nezuko is able to resist the impulse to eat him, but she still rushes to protect him.

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The two are completely devoted to each other and take turns saving each other throughout the series. Although Nezuko speaks little throughout the series, her love for her brother is clear.

He Doesn’t Like Him: Akaza hates Tanjiro for reminding him of his past

Because he didn’t want to remember his history, Akaza had long forgotten his recollections as a human. The demon was enraged by Tanjiro’s comments since they brought back those memories. Akaza was enraged when Tanjiro called him a coward. He despised cowards because they poisoned the people he cared about.

Akaza despised weakness, something he had noticed in Tanjiro from the start. His battle with Tanjiro opened the rest of his repressed memories, allowing him to fully accept his death. Akaza despised Tanjiro as a demon, but only when he realised his humanity did he let go of his hatred.

Likes: Inosuke Hashibira is one of Tanjiro ‘s closest friends

Inosuke initially considered Tanjiro as a rival, but after fighting beside him for a while, he came to admire him. As the series goes, Tanjiro encourages Inosuke to improve, and he even begins to act less like a wild animal. Thanks to Tanjiro’s positive impact, he even develops genuine affection for other individuals.


Inosuke still gets upset from time to time, but Tanjiro typically understands how to calm him down. Inosuke comes to the realisation that he no longer has the willpower to fight Tanjiro.

He dislikes: Muzan Kibutsuji hated Tanjiro because of his earrings

Muzan was reminded of Yoriichi Tsugikuni by Tanjiro’s hanafuda earrings. Muzan never recovered from the humiliation of having to flee from a human. Yoriichi was the warrior who nearly murdered him years ago. Tanjiro also assured Muzan that he would murder him.

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Muzan is extremely proud, and if he doesn’t get what he wants, he flies into a rage. Tanjiro killed a good number of demons from Muzan, and he eventually led to Muzan’s demise.

Likes: Kanao Tsuyuri was touched by Tanjiro’s kindness

At first, Kanao didn’t appear to have any strong feelings for her. She, like Shinobu, wore a smile on her face the majority of the time, making her difficult to read. She got the upper hand for a while after training with Tanjiro. Tanjiro didn’t spill the tea on her when he eventually won one of their practise matches.


Tanjiro encouraged Kanao to make her own decisions, which allowed her to think for herself without relying on a draw. She cares for Tanjiro, showing concern whenever he is hurt, and she even risked her remaining vision to save him.

He Doesn’t Like Him: Rui was envious of Tanjiro and Nezuko

Rui attempted to reestablish the family ties he had lost after the death of his parents. He took in a family, although he treated them badly in actuality. He was envious of Nezuko and Tanjiro’s bond and desired Nezuko for himself as soon as he saw it. He despised Tanjiro’s denials of his familial ties and his refusal to hand over Nezuko to him.

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As their fight progressed, Rui grew more and more enraged, and despite his best efforts, he failed to kill either sibling. It wasn’t until he died that he realized he had family ties to his parents.

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