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10 Worst Things About Hashira

Despite their incredible strength and talent, the Hashira have shown to be flawed individuals. The Demon Slayer hierarchy serves as a supporting cast for Tanjiro and Nezuko, assisting (and occasionally hindering) them. The Demon Slayer Corps’ nine most formidable swordsmen are known as the Hashira. When one of them is on screen, it’s never boring because they have such varied personalities and designs. They all have amazing qualities, but finding the perfect one through opposing acts and attitudes is difficult. The Hashira aren’t perfect, and their acts have made viewers detest them at times, despite the fact that they generally intend well.

Sanemi hurt Nezuko and tried to goad her into biting him

In her first appearance, the Wind Hashira Sanemi Shinazugawa discovered Nezuko Kamado and tried to agitate her by stabbing her repeatedly. When that didn’t work, he ripped off his arm and bit her, ignoring Tanjiro’s cries to stop. He was ruthless with Nezuko, demonstrating his unshakable hatred for demons. Nezuko was utterly innocent, despite her demonic nature.

Giyuu is tough on people

Tomioka Giyuu was presented as a stern realist who did not display overt friendliness from the start. He holds Tanjiro responsible for trying to save Nezuko after she was converted into a demon while he sought to kill her, exacerbating an already poor situation. Shinobu later tells him that no one likes him, which he attributes to his rough and aloof nature. He does, however, later on vouch for Nezuko’s ability to keep her humanity.

Many of them wanted to kill Nezuko

Many of the Hashira want to kill Tanjiro and Nezuko because she is a demon when they are brought before them. They refuse to think that a demon can overcome its instincts and refuse to feed humans. As Tanjiro tried to plead for Nezuko, Obanai physically restrained him, prompting Giyuu to intervene and stop him. Even if they eventually accept it, many of them are sceptical of their leader’s decision to keep Nezuko alive.

Shinobu is sometimes sadistic

Even while they are arguing, Kocho Shinobu appears to be pleasant and peaceful. She appears to want to get along with the demons when she greets them, but when she stalks them, she reveals a vicious and even murderous side of herself.

She also ruthlessly lashes out at Giyuu, claiming that no one likes her, and doesn’t hesitate to speak harshly to anyone, even when she seems calm and relaxed. However, his scathing comments aren’t always unwarranted, especially in Doma’s case.

They have no sympathy for demons

Tanjiro’s pity for most demons is a reccurring motif in his story. Because of Nezuko’s grief, he sees the person they once were behind the monsters he fights and treats them with compassion in their final moments. The Hashira don’t normally consider such matters, as their treatment of Nezuko demonstrates. They are willing to murder or capture demons without concern for what they were before, however some of them soften as a result of Tanjiro’s efforts.

Tengen is incredibly arrogant

Tengen Uzui exudes confidence with his bright attire and outgoing lifestyle. He declares himself a deity and names Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke rubbish while working with them. He also tries to take Aoi Kanzaki into the entertainment area against her will, with little regard for her safety, despite the fact that she is a poor swordswoman.

His arrogance backfires when Gyutaro poisons him. He declares that he is unharmed, but fails to behead Gyutaro and finds himself badly injured.

Obanai is rarely nice to anyone

Hashira’s toughest member is Obanai Iguro. He demanded that Giyuu be punished for enabling Nezuko to live, and he later restrained Tanjiro when he tried to help his sister. He despises demons and has little regard for his fellow Hashira, with the exception of Mitsuri Kanroji. He is rough with almost everyone and mocked Tengen for suffering such awful injuries while attempting to urge him to stay in the Demon Slayers despite his health.

Muichiro was not sympathetic at first

Muichiro’s demeanour was initially difficult to pin down, but when he appeared in the Swordsman Village arc, it was evident that he, like many other Hashira, was dealing with issues. He was arrogant about his position as Hashira, dismissing people who he thought were a waste of time. He was so intent on battling demons that he almost forgot about a citizen in need of assistance, but he decided to help him at the last minute. With Tanjiro’s help, he begins to rediscover his memories and become more empathetic.

They don’t always get along with each other

Despite the fact that the Hashira all have the same aim of destroying demons, they have their own conflicts. Giyuu and Shinobu fought over the destiny of Tanjiro and Nezuko, trading punches and words. During the Hashira training storyline, Sanemi and Giyuu train against one other, and when their training swords shatter, Sanemi instructs them to continue fighting with their fists. Despite their differences and disagreements, they all work together in the end to defeat Muzan.

Being a Hashira didn’t stop many of them from dying

Although the Hashira are known for their capacity to defeat hundreds of demons, this does not make them invincible. Rengoku is killed by Akaza in the Mugen Train storyline, and many of the characters die in the ultimate battle against Muzan and the three higher-rank demons. Only Sanemi, Tengen, and Giyuu survive the end of Demon Slayer, out of the nine Hashira introduced in the beginning. Even their incredible talent couldn’t save many, breaking the hearts of their adoring admirers.

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