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Get Tanjiro Figures and Fight the Demons

Tanjiro is the main character in the Demon Slayer series but at the same time, he is popular and such an interesting part of the series. His main mission is to hunt down the demon who turned his sister into a demon. Tanjiro has a caring personality and even after his family got turned into demons, he never let his caring side go away. 

Tanjiro’s main features are his virtue, humbleness, and honesty. He’s sort of a perfectionist because as soon as he does, he blames himself. Tanjiro is super-honest. If he sees someone getting oppressed, he will instantly go to help them. Tanjiro’s character teaches us the importance of life itself. After losing everything, Tanjiro didn’t give up. His stubbornness to stay righteous, honest, and driven is something we can all learn from him.

If you’re a fan of Tanjiro Kamado, then these Tanjiro figures will surely surprise you. Whether you’re looking for a Tanjiro sitting figure or a tanjiro eating figure, our wide variety of tanjiro action figures has got you covered! 

What Kind of Tanjiro Figures Do We Offer?

Welcome to the most high-quality collection of tanjiro figures. We have all the tanjiro action figures you need to become the best collector. But not only will our figures look amazing, but the attention to detail in their design is also something that you’ll be instantly surprised with. In other words, if you’re a fan of tanjiro, these are some of the best action figures you can own. 

Tanjiro Water Breathing Figure is one of the most interesting items on our list. As you already know, Tanjiro has been using the water breathing technique in the first season. He learned it from Giyuu Tomioka who acted as his mentor in the first half of the series. Water Breathing Technique looked amazing in the Anime and looking at this action figure, it doesn’t look any different. This tanjiro action figure depicts the strongest move in his arsenal with more and more rotation where he was fighting Rui, one of the lower moons in the Anime series. 

Even with a broken sword, Tanijro manages to look cool and display this amazing technique. The Tanjiro Water Breathing Figure is not only premium but accurate at the same time. It has a whole water dragon, tanjiro with a sword in his hand, and a cool-looking base with artificial sand that just makes the action figure look super realistic. So if you want a tanjiro kamado figure that you can decorate your desk with, this one is the ideal to go with. And if you already have a big collection of Demon Slayer action figures, then adding this one will add some serious flavor to the collectible. 

Tanjiro Action Figure is another item that’ll hold a lot of value to your collection. With his unique jacket in the air, the attention to detail on this one is just crazy. This action figure has everything you can look into a figure and thanks to a highly specific design, the value of this just skyrockets instantly. The way tanjiro’s emotions are portrayed is legit and it looks like someone just printed actual tanjiro from the time when he first saw a demon. With that ferociousness in his eyes and his bloodlust intent on holding his sword, this tanjiro action figure is as close to reality as it can get. 

Tanjiro’s sword is also quite well-detailed and premium. This action figure contains a rocky base that makes the action figure look ten times better and more high-quality compared to many others out there. The action figure also stands tall at 16cm and is made from PVC material. So there’s no doubt about the premiumness of the tanjiro action figure as it is one of the most interesting ones that we offer. The thing that sets this action figure aside from others is how accurately crafted it is. In every inch of the figure, you can see how accurately crafted this tanjiro kamado figure is. 

Demon Slayer Figure Tanjiro is another addition to our list of best tanjiro figures. The product comes at a very economical rate and it looks and feels awesome when you show it to your friends, put it on your table, or just let it reside along with your other figures. If you want a resting figure with no nooks and crannies, this one is ideal as it shows tanjiro just staring deadly and having a sword in his right hand.

Tanjiro’s jacket and overall product quality are also amazing and while it comes at a budget price, the quality is not sacrificial at our store. This figure is also a perfect replica of the Anime and it’s ideal if you put it close to your manga collection as it’ll add some serious punch to your Anime themed room. 

One thing that fans love about Tanjiro is how calm he is in most given situations. Until he’s not. The level of unpredictability makes tanjiro one of the most fan-favorite characters in the series. But this action figure just makes things ten times more interesting as this is tanjiro pre anger. Before going into rage mode, tanjiro would be mostly calm. And this is that state of tanjiro when he’s completely fine and calm.

Tanjiro Demon Slayer Corps Uniform Statue is another unique product that screams perfection due to how accurate it is. The figure is made from the finest materials and thanks to the world-class crafting, it looks and feels amazing as the tanjiro statue. This tanjiro statue is from the time when he was first struggling to become a demon slayer and was trying to get into the Demon Slayer Corps. However, it was never easy for Tanjiro as he had to go through loads of training and extensive practice to become eligible for his exam.

After getting his second win, our boy was finally given the famous uniform that every candidate had and now he was ready to rock the world, slay some demons, and get his name out as one of the most promising demon slayers to ever exist. But success didn’t come easy for Tanjiro as in this uniform, he had to go through constant mental trials, pains, and a lot of difficulties to get to the top. So if you’re looking for a tanjiro statue that has a huge legacy to it, then investing in this product will be ideal for you. This product is simple but also very pleasing to look at. It’ll run the same memories of the time when you first started watching the Anime. 

Tanjiro Kamado Sitting Figure is a very cute piece of collectible to own. Tanjiro is just like a soft boy who is lost in life but for the most part, when he’s happy, he’s darn happy. You’d see tanjiro sitting in a very respectful manner throughout the Anime and this action figure contains the same pose as we’ve seen in the Anime. On the other hand, if you’re into more cute tanjiro action figures, then you should also check out Tanjiro Rice Ball Figures. It depicts cute tanjiro just enjoying his meal after a good battle with the fiercest demons. Both sitting and rice ball figures are one of the highly detailed demon slayer products you’ll ever own thanks to the amount of manufacturing effort that was made.

Our tanjiro figures are premium sculpted and have the highest quality that you can expect from an Anime like Demon Slayer. From tanjiro statues to water-breathing action figures, you won’t regret buying and setting your collectible with these good-looking tanjiro figures. 

Are You Ready to Hunt Muzan With Tanjiro?

If you wish to go demon hunting, then buying one of our tanjiro products will enhance your world of figure collection. Whether you want to hold the action figure to yourself or gift a loved one who’s a fan of Demon Slayer, these tanjiro kamado figures will be fun items to hold in both situations. 

At DemonSlayer Shop, our main priority is to provide the best figures of the best possible quality. We never compromise the slightest on quality and make sure that whatever DemonSlayer merch our customers are interested in, we will provide them at the best possible price at the best possible quality. 

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