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Find the best kimetsu no yaiba kimono only at Demon Slayer Shop®!

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Want to wear a selection of Demon Slayer Kimono Pattern?

Demon Slayer has done a great job in uplifting the Japanese culture and showcasing it to the rest of the world. One of the major ways they have done it is with the portrayal of the Kimonos that the characters usually wear in this highly popular anime. Have you ever thought about trying out one of them to make yourself feel like a Demon Slayer character? Well, now that thought can be brought into reality with the help of our awesome collection of Demon Slayer Kimonos. It is a treasure chest for any Demon Slayer fans who wish to make themselves feel a part of this worldwide phenomenon.


Demon Slayer Kimonos are not only visually appealing to the eyes, but they also look stunning on the characters who wear them in the story. So, just take a moment and think about how good it would look on you while you are adorned with one of our beautiful products. The best thing about our Demon Slayer Kimonos is that they are perfectly made to fit you perfectly and you can choose from a variety of sizes and to find the best fit for you. They can be worn on a variety of occasions whether be it a casual outing or a dress-up party.

Think about the effect you would have on people when you show up wearing a Kimono from a film that has broken every record in the animation industry. We can’t get enough of Demon Slayer and as a result, we continuously try to please our customers with the best set of Demon Slayer merchandise available. It is quite common for people to buy t-shirts for their favourite show but we here at the Demon Slayer Shop have taken things up a notch by coming up with the idea of providing our fans with a Kimono from their favourite anime itself which is bound to brighten up their day.


Tanjiro Kamado has become the most popular male character in anime history with the rapid rise in Demon Slayer. There are a lot of things that set aside Tanjiro from others including his determination to succeed and unwavering courage. However, another subtle thing that also sets him aside is his dressing style. His iconic checkered black and green haori has become a part of his identity and is loved by everyone. We have the exact same patterned Tanjiro Kimono available for you guys that you will absolutely love.

Give yourself a Tanjiro Kamado look with this Kimono and see what it was like for this particular Demon Slayer. This will also help you to cosplay as Tanjiro Kamado during Halloween and other special events as this unique pattern is all you will ever need. It is the best way to get close to your favourite anime and channel your inner powers as a Demon Slayer. Give yourself the best gift that you can ever give by buying one of our Tanjiro Kamado Kimonos now.

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the kimetsu no yaiba kimono

These modern iterations of the classic Japanese kimono are the ideal choice of clothing if you are Japanese, whether by birth or by heart, and enjoy anime, especially Demon slayer!

You should purchase one of these wonderful kimonos if you are an otaku who has grown to love the Demon Slayer series because of all the attractive characters and themes. It will look fantastic on your display cabinet and be a wonderful addition to your collection.

They are created by talented designers utilizing only the best materials available, catering to all genders, ages, and personal tastes. These kimonos are a terrific illustration of our commitment to providing you with the greatest Demon Slayer merchandise available.

All of our goods, including these exquisite kimonos, are of the highest caliber and are sold at incredibly low costs. Don’t let this fantastic Demon Slayer kimono opportunity pass you by. Take one now!


There is no way we are going to exclude the prettiest girl in Demon Slayer from our collection of Kimonos. Nezuko also has one of the most adorable looks in Demon Slayer with her pretty pink Kimono with a hemp leaf pattern. It makes her look extremely adorable and can do the same for you when you give it a try. Nezuko was the supportive sister who would go to any lengths to help her brother.

Her beauty was one to match and it goes without saying that her light-pink Kimono was essential to bring out her pretty look even more. Our Demon Slayer Nezuko Kimono will serve the exact same purpose for you and give you such an extraordinarily beautiful look that every eye will be set on you once you enter a room wearing our product.


Nezuko is not the only pretty girl in Demon Slayer as we often tend to overlook Shinobu Kocho is one of the most underrated characters in the series. She had a stunning look and along with it possessed her iconic butterfly patterned Kyahan and haori. Naturally, it made her look extremely sweet and now you can also replicate that appearance with our Demon Slayer Butterfly Kimono.

It will make you look as pretty as the delightful Shinobu and help you to stand out in a room of a crowd. It will also naturally make you more bright, friendly and cheerful like our adorable Shinobu that will in turn make it easy for you to gel with others. So, what are you waiting for? Order one of our Shinobu Kocho Kimonos now and surprise everyone with your shining look.


The most fantastic thing about our Kimonos is the fact that they are unisex and can be worn by both males and females. They will look equally stunning on both genders and give you that beautiful look once you step outside in our bright and colourful Kimonos. You can also partner up with your sister and sport our Tanjiro Kimono and Nezuko Kimono to dress up as the most iconic brother and sister duo in anime history.


We are providing you with one of the most diverse collections of Demon Slayer Kimonos that you can ever find. We have a huge collection of Kimonos of all your favourite characters with their iconic patterns. We even have the Demon Slayer Cloud Kimono that Tanjiro wore while training with Urokodaki. This will give a wide sample size to choose from and find the best one that will suit you perfectly. They are also made of poly-cotton which makes each of our products soft and comfortable so that you don’t feel any discomfort while wearing them.