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Embrace your inner Demon Slayer with these necklaces provided to you in the Demon Slayer Necklace Collection.


The astonishing design of Demon Slayer Hanafuda Earrings is now available in the form of a necklace with the Hanafuda design that can perfectly match your demon slayer earrings. Hanafuda necklace comes with a revolutionary vision of supremacy similar to the earrings. The design imposed on the necklace visualizes the sun breathing technique which was passed down in the family of Kamado Tanjiro for generations. It’s time to pass on the legacy to another generation so go grab it now!


Demon Slayer Shop brings you the ultimate necklace of destruction. The necklace design is based on the Japanese word Kanji which means “Destroy”. This emblem is embedded in the back of the Demon Slayer Corps uniform. The destroy emblem promotes the destruction of bloodthirsty demons featured in the anime. This particular necklace is very unique and with its gold-colored pendant, it will add a lot of character to your overall attire. This necklace would be a perfect combination with our Demon Slayer Bracelets so go check them out as well.


Demon Slayer Butterfly Necklace design is inspired by Shinobu Kocho, the sarcastic yet humble Insect Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. The butterfly design is based on the fact that Shinobu has been seen wearing a hairband and kimono with a butterfly design. The character of Shinobu Kocho is quite interesting due to her faith despite having a tragic past.
Tsuyuri Kanao, the disciple of Shinobu, always wears the same design. This necklace is specifically for females that symbolize the mighty strength in the struggle of life.


As we value the thrill and excitement of combat and epic fights, the necklace with Tanjiro design is here to bring some action to your life. The necklace features Tanjiro holding Nichirin’s blade in his hands to slay the demons once for all. This particular necklace comes with a ball chain design that symbolizes the inner warrior of a person. You can root for your beloved hero by wearing this Tanjiro guard necklace.


We are fully aware of the fanbase of our cute Nezuko so we have also designed a Demon Slayer Necklace with Nezuko Neko design. The addition of  Neko ears to a character is quite a strange yet effective twist that increases the overall cuteness and persona of a character.
This necklace is also a perfect gift for a loved one who is a fan of Demon Slayer due to its adorable design.


Even the male characters of the demon slayer cannot resist the spell of Neko’s ears. Zenitsu is enjoying this new Neko look as it means a chance to get closer to his beloved Nezuko. So guys, what are you waiting for? boost up your appearance by the means of a demon slayer Zenitsu Neko Necklace.


Tanjiro embraces this new design hoping to protect his sister Nezuko from the cruel fate of a demon while enjoying a peaceful time with his friends. Enjoy the calmness after wearing the Demon Slayer Tanjiro Neko Necklace!