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Enjoy your favorite characters every day with our Demon Slayer mouse pads!

Enjoy your favorite characters every day with our premium collection of Demon Slayer mouse pads. You will find something for everyone, we offer you mouse pads representing epic battle scenes like Tanjirô and his attacks inspired by the movements of the water breath or Zenistu and his lightning breath. Find mouse pads showing your favorite characters when they were children in beautiful fanarts. You will also find kawaii mouse pads of Nezuko and the lovely Kocho sisters.

Your new favorite mouse pads are available in a classic size (80 x 40cm) to allow you to put your mouse and keyboard on them and still give you some freedom to move your mouse. To offer you comfort when working or playing video games, our mouse pads have a thickness of 2mm to make them as comfortable as possible for you. Choose your favorite visual and enjoy our Demon Slayer mouse pads.

Very appreciated by all the people who read the manga or saw the anime Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba), our mouse pads are also a very original gift idea that will delight all the fans.

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Mouse pads with exceptional visuals!

The visuals of all our mousepads are imagined by passionate Demon Slayer fans who always make sure to faithfully represent all the subtleties of the Demon Slayer universe in their creations and to draw your favorite characters down to the smallest details. Our mousepads are all made with high-quality materials to give you an incredible visual and a great feeling when you run your mouse over them!

Our mouse pads are 100% official and are faithful to the Demon Slayer manga (Kimetsu no Yaiba) to bring you daily pleasure every time you see them at home. Enjoy your favorite characters Tanjirô, Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Nezuko in exceptional visuals every day!

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Enter the magical world of Demon Slayer!

Tanjiro, a young coal seller, sees his life turned upside down after his family is massacred by a demon. Only his little sister Nezuko survives the attack, but she is transformed into a demon, so they both go on a journey to return Nezuko to her original appearance.
During their journey, they meet a man, Tomioka Giyu who informs them that the only way to give Nezuko back her human form is to defeat Kibutsuji Muzan, the king of demons, and to do so Tanjiro must become a demon hunter…

Join Tanjirô on his journey to try to save his little sister and fight the demons!