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Demon Slayers and demons are two forces that exist parallel to each other in the universe of Kimetsu No Yaiba, endlessly warring and fighting for hundreds of years without getting bored.

If the Twelve Moon Demons are submissive to the demon ruler Muzan, the Demon Slayer Corps will not be inferior when using the nine pillars to hunt for demons. A pillar’s might is comparable to that of an army, and they are the only ones capable of combating the ranks of Highness and Demons.

So the question is: who is the strongest individual in Kimetsu No Yaiba right now, among the nine pillars of incumbent? Let’s see this in the Kimetsu no yaiba pillar strength rating below!


The lava pillar Himejima, the Demon Slayer Pillar squad’s elder sibling, is at the top of the list. When challenged with demons, Demon Lord Muzan once said that human bodies are many times weaker than demon bodies and that no one has a chance of success. The existence of Himejima, on the other hand, was a direct blow to this assertion. Because, even before joining the massacre and receiving appropriate training, Himejima was capable of killing demons with his bare hands, something no one has ever done.

Himejima’s eyes were unable to see from the moment he was born, and he had to rely solely on sound to survive. The most noble moon must be astounded by this character’s power and believe it is absurd to be able to feel and support everything simply by feeling the metallic sound reverberating when the fibers chain impact.

The lava’s power and muscles had developed to unprecedented and perfect proportions. The lava pillars, like the oldest, have the power to glimpse the spirit world. When the demonic seal is awakened at the age of 25, the pillars must say farewell to life as soon as the sun appears in order to create place for a new generation.

When he holds the moniker of concubine of the demon corps, he does not use a sword and instead fights with immense sheer might, wielding a complete mace and ax. The lava pillar’s weapon, on the other hand, was made by a renowned forging worship from the previous century that no one in this period can match. It has also been exposed to pure sunlight for an extended length of time, giving it greater demon-killing properties than any other weapon ever seen.


Young people with the blood “grandchildren of the father” Muichirou are ranked second on this list. Despite his sluggish personality, cloudy thinking, and frail body, he is an extraordinary exception in the history of the demon squad, climbing the ranks of the pillars in less than two months after taking up the sword.

Muichirou was able to knock down Tanjirou with just one stone and a snap of the mist as soon as he made his debut in front of the audience. This is also the only pillar capable of defeating a noble moon demon in a one-on-one combat and returning unscathed. Unfortunately, Muichirou had the misfortune of dying before the most powerful demon in the ranks of the Twelve Demons during the epic conflict at the Endless Fortress alongside his ancestor, the eldest Kokushibou.


Rengoku Pillar Inflammation, a demon killer born with an amazing body, is next on the list. Many of you may disagree with this list because, despite being a pillar, Rengoku was the first to abandon the game and return to his homeland during the battle with the Upper Tam Akaza.

Keep in mind that this is the only character capable of defeating the Three Phoenixes in a one-on-one battle, despite the Universe and Tanjirou agreeing not to consume Akaza. Furthermore, when matched against the lowest on an endless train, rRngoku was already weakened before fighting Akaza.

As a result, despite the author’s failure to provide him with acting opportunities, Pillar Inflammation’s power can be regarded to be immense. Furthermore, there is a bloodline in the Rengoku family tree that has a history of killing demons and erecting numerous pillars over the previous 500 years. Hopefully, we will see the return of this fantastic universe in the film Train Endless, which is set to be released later this year.


Sanemi’s head, the series’ most adventurous young guy, is ranked fourth on this ranking. Sanemi is highly bloody when she fights, despite having a personality type that is unlike anybody else’s, ready to give birth at any time, anyplace, and on any subject. In a practice match, he even defeated the Tomioka water cylinder.

The noblest of moons The combination of Wind and Lava, according to Kokushibou, is the most strong and perfect couple he has ever known.


Then there’s Tomioka, the water fountain, an independent young guy who enjoys isolating himself. Those who use the breath of water and fire will always become key pillars in the ranks of the demonic gang, according to an unchangeable reality handed down in the slaughter of demons for hundreds of years.

The breath of water, more than any other type of breath, is widely taught to demonic killers all across the world. This type of sub-breath also has the most root branches. Tomioka is a historical individual who was able to establish the 11th mode – Quiet in Breath of Water – despite having a relatively tranquil demeanor and usually focusing on defending and protecting people rather than attacking. Even the bodies of high-level monsters, which Tanjirou and the Inosuke had to break with their blades when touched, Tomioka handled in the blink of an eye.


The Obanai pillar is next on this list; while his demeanor is always reserved, the blade of Obanai’s breathing is more flexible than that of any other character at the outset of the combat. team of demons It has the ability to flex, crash, and crash into dead angles that the opponent would not predict.

This is the only character in the pillars who can stay safe after Muzan’s anger to continue fighting this demon king in the final chapters. Obanai also has a trusty beating companion in the form of a little snake that serves as a substitute eye for Obanai when he is injured by Muzan. That small creature, according to Muzan, can even predict the demon lord’s moves in order to alert its master.


Next on the list is the female who appears soft and frail at first appearance, but she recognizes Mitsuri’s Turret as the demon team’s true muscular player. Luyen’s body has a mass of muscles many times that of a regular person, giving her a power that isn’t the correct kind, when she can hit with the upper moon of the moon continually from night to dawn.

Furthermore, this is a first-class comic comparable to Zenitsu or Inosuke, contributing to Kimetsu No Yaiba’s allure. When crafted by the blacksmith as thin as a sheet of paper to hurt foes, Mitsuri’s blade is a rare and rare form, but she is not utilized by anyone.


The descendant of the famous Shinobi clan, Yin Tru Uzui, is next on the list. Many individuals will be perplexed by this character’s placement in the penultimate slot. Because, despite the fact that the moon is 5 to 1 in the struggle with Thuong Huyen, the outcome is ragged and crippled. However, if you think about it, it was an unfair conflict because Uzui was seriously poisoned, thus he didn’t have as much acting time as the other characters. Furthermore, when he can crush the ground with the might of his Sound Breath, this dazzling guy’s fitness must be at its peak.

However, it is far too simple to save yourself if you have a mindset that is easily distracted in battle and always assumes that your life is not as valuable as the beauties or even civilians. On the battlefield, it was exploited. If Uzui could be more cold and strategic on the battlefield, he would certainly be higher on the list.

9.Shinobu Kochou

Shinobu Kochou, the girl who likes to put on earth, is at the bottom of the list because, despite her fighting skills, she was born with a short body. Little and the only member of the demon squad who is incapable of beheading demons. As a result, Shinobu had to develop his own fighting method, killing the enemy using wisteria poison infused in the blade.

However, just because you’re rated ninth doesn’t mean you can dismiss the ability of the person who uses the insect’s breath. Second lunar eclipse Douma, the villain’s top demon, once stated that if she had enough stamina, she could have chopped off Shinobu’s head long ago if she had the stamina.

Shinobu is also a master of creating discord among opponents, causing food poisoning in Douma, and even the demon lord Muzan. So, while Shinobu may not be a strong pillar in fighting, he is unquestionably a dangerous and menacing pillar among the top ranks from a multi-purpose perspective. team of demons

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