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Breathing Styles

Blast Techniques (呼こ吸きゅう法ほう ) are sword styles that members of the Demon Slayer Corps practise and teach.

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Sword styles that use the esoteric breathing method known as Total Concentration Breathing (全ぜん集しゅう中ちゅうの呼こ吸きゅう Zen Shūchū no Kokyū) are known as Breathing Styles. Demon Slayer Corps members rehearse and teach it, and the Demon Slayers use it in battle (later passed down as a traditional dance after the time jump).

The Sun Breath, the first ever formed, is the source of all known breath styles currently taught inside the Demon Slayer Corps. The majority of known breathing styles imitate a natural element (such as flame, water, or wind) in the user’s movements, methods, and powers. Demon Slayers who utilise the Breathing Styles have a wider range of attack, which is most likely owing to the shockwaves or air pressure generated by their weapon as they swing and strike it.

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To fulfil the combat needs of demon slayers, new breathing methods are continually being developed, allowing new weapons to be used for demon hunting (flails and whips, for example). These Breathing Styles represent a broader range of ideas, including animals, plants, and emotions (eg, Snakes, Flowers, and Love). Users naturally envision themselves manipulating the topic behind their breath style, giving the idea that they are employing magic, while those who are less competent and proficient in their style will visualise less than those who are.

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Total Concentration Breathing

Total Concentration Breathing (全ぜん集しゅう中ちゅうの呼こ吸きゅう Zen Shūchū no Kokyū?) is an advanced, esoteric breathing technique in which the user inhales the maximum amount of oxygen in a specific breathing pattern to elevate his physical and mental prowess to their most extreme limits. Superhuman physical attributes (strength, speed, stamina, durability, and agility), quicker brain processes, peak concentration, and hyper-computing processing are among the effects. Full Focus can also coagulate grievous wounds and slow the flow of poison via the blood at a higher level.

Total Concentration: Constant (全ぜん集しゅう中ちゅう・常じょう中ちゅう Zen Shūchū Jōchū) is a state of Total Concentration breathing that advanced demon slayers, such as Hashira, may sustain throughout the day, noon, and night, and even while sleeping. Between someone who can hold a breath of entire concentration at all times and someone who cannot, there is a huge gap in strength, speed, and endurance.

Learning to sustain a steady state of total attention breathing takes a lot of practise, yet despite the difficulty, the skill is regarded rather basic.

Blowing into a unique type of heavy-duty gourd is part of the training process.

The goal is to blow hard enough into the gourd to cause it to burst.

The gourd is gradually replaced by larger and larger varieties of the same type of gourd as training develops.

The largest gourd ever discovered was the size of a chair.

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The names of the breathing styles are very strict. For example, Breath of Flame (炎ほのおの呼こ吸きゅう Honō no kokyū?) should never be called Breath of Fire (火ひの呼こ吸きゅう Hi no kokyū?).
According to the second fanbook, the Breathing Styles were not completely forgotten; they evolved into a ceremonial practise, akin to what the Hinokami Kagura is to the Kamado family.

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