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Blue Spider Lily

Blue Spider Lily (青あおい彼ひ岸がん花ばな Aoi Higanbana?) is a mythical flower, said to resemble a spider lily with blue colors instead of red. It was described as an important ingredient of a medicine for the treatment of Muzan Kibutsuji by his doctor during the Heian period.


The blue spider lily was a key component of a treatment developed by the doctor who treated Muzan’s fatal illness (which was supposed to kill him before he reached the age of twenty). However, Muzan killed his doctor before he could finish the prescription, angered by his increasing sickness. Muzan recognised the drug had a true effect at this point: he gained a strong physique, but because it was a prototype, he couldn’t walk in sunlight and desired human flesh, transforming him into a demon. Muzan felt terrible about killing the doctor because he recognised his life-saving treatment had succeeded, and he didn’t know how to finish his treatment without the blue spider flower. Therefore, he searched in vain for the flower for centuries hoping to use it to complete the treatment and give himself a perfect immortal body.

Botanist Aoba Hashibira discovered samples of the blue spider lily more than a century after Muzan’s death and observed that it blooms only two or three times a year, for a brief time, then closes up, resembling a big horsetail. The blue spider lily may or may not bloom at all, depending on the conditions. Muzan could not have gone out during the day, which explains why he was never located. Unfortunately, owing to an oversight, all of the flower samples he had faded, perhaps ruling out the chance of the Demon race as we know it being resurrected.


  • The blue spider lily is a fictional flower that does not exist. The crimson spider lily, on the other hand, is a significant flower in Japanese folklore because it is thought to direct the dead to their next rebirth. It is also said to grow along the banks of the Sanzu River, which is known in Japanese tradition as the river of the dead, and that anybody who dies must cross its width. It’s possible that the blue spider lily was meant to be the polar opposite of the red spider lily, which would be damnation.

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