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Beast Breathing

Beast Breathing (獣ケダモノの呼こ吸きゅう Kedamono no kokyū?) is a breathing style derived from wind breathing.

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Beast Breathing is a breathing style that duplicates the motions, attacks, and senses of wild monsters and animals, notably their unpredictable and violent nature, and replicates them with the user’s movements, tactics, and talents. Although one of them uses the tremendous sense of touch to recreate the primal senses of an animal, the most, if not all, of the known techniques and forms are simple, direct, yet wild, unexpected, and animalistic motions and attacks. When triggering the Beast Breathing techniques, users who have mastered it picture themselves developing the claws of a beast.

Because Inosuke Hashibira devised and taught this breathing style after living in the mountains and fighting for survival, it can only be performed by someone who possesses two Nichirin katanas and a keen sense of touch.

Known users

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Known techniques

Beast Breath has ten known techniques with an improvisational technique created during Inosuke’s fight against Doma.

  • First Fang: Pierce (壱いちノ牙きば 穿うがち抜ぬき Ichi no kiba: Ugachi Nuki?) – With both blades, the user stabs their target in the neck.
  • Second Fang: Slice (弐にノ牙きば 切きり裂さき Ni no kiba: Kirisaki?) – With his two blades, the user makes a double X-shaped blade swipe.
  • Third Fang: Devour (参さんノ牙きば 喰くい裂ざき San no kiba: Kuizaki?) – The user delivers a series of horizontal blows to the throat of their target.
  • Fourth Fang: Slice ‘n’ Dice (肆しノ牙きば 切きり細こま裂ざき Shi no kiba: Kiri Komazaki?) – TWith both swords, the user performs repeated diagonal double slashes.
  • Fifth Fang: Crazy Cutting (伍ごノ牙きば 狂くるい裂ざき Go no kiba: Kuruizaki?) – Everything is sliced in every way by the user.
  • Sixth Fang: Palisade Bite (陸ろくノ牙きば 乱らん杭ぐい咬がみ Roku no kiba: Ranguigami?) – The user slashes in both directions with two swords at the same time.
  • Seventh Form: Spatial Awareness (漆しちノ型かた 空くう間かん識しき覚かく Shichi no kata: Kūkan Shikikaku?) – By sensing subtle changes in the air, the user uses their sense of touch to locate foes and their weaknesses. Inosuke Hashibira could sense all the demons dispersed across an entire mountain using this technique.
  • Eighth Fang: Explosive Rush (捌はちノ牙きば 爆ばく裂れつ猛もう進しん Hachi no kiba: Bakuretsu Mōshin?) – The user runs towards their opponent while swinging their two swords at breakneck speed.
  • Ninth Fang: Extending Bendy Slash (玖くノ牙きば 伸しん・うねり裂ざき Ku no kiba: Shin – Unerizaki?) – To enhance their assault range, the user dislocates their arm joints and launches a single strike.
  • Tenth Fang: Whirling Fangs (拾じゅうノ牙きば 円えん転てん旋せん牙が Jū no kiba: Enten Senga?) – The user quickly spins their saber in a circular motion, deflecting enemy attacks.
  • Sudden Throwing Blow (思おもいつきの投なげ裂さき Omoitsuki no Nagesaki?) – The user throws their two blades at an enemy.
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Game-Exclusive Techniques

  • Third Fang: Devour Rush (参さんノ牙きば 猛もう進しん・喰くい裂ざき San no kiba: Mōshin – Kuizaki?) – The user rushes towards their opponent and stabs them, dragging them to the ground. He then tosses it into the air and prepares the third fang: Devour as he slices it into an X above him.
  • Boar Rush (猪ちょ突とつ猛もう進しん Chototsu Mōshin?) – The user relentlessly charges at their opponent ignoring virtually all attacks thrown at them.

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