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Asakusa Arc

The Asakusa Arc (浅あさ草くさ編へん Asakusa Hen?) is the third arc of Kimetsu no Yaiba.

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Tanjiro ventures to Asakusa, Tokyo for his second mission with the Demon Slayer Corps. The big city of Tokyo is new to the village boy. He must track down a demonic disturbance in the area, but as soon as his mission begins, Tanjiro notices an all-too-familiar smell. He frantically rushes through the crowded streets and discovers Muzan Kibutsuji posing as a human with a family.

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To escape the situation, Muzan turns a man into a demon and flees with his family while Tanjiro deals with the new demon. This catches the attention of Lady Tamayo and a young boy named Yushiro. They clear up the situation and take Tanjiro back to their secret home where Tamayo, a demon doctor, treats patients. Yushiro is also a demon, and they try to eliminate Muzan.

Meanwhile, Muzan is enraged by Tanjiro’s appearance, which reminds him of a similar Demon Slayer from the past. He orders two of his followers: Susamaru and Yahaba, to bring Tanjiro’s head to him.

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Tamayo and Tanjiro agree to help make a cure for the demons by studying Nezuko’s blood and that of demons close to Muzan. Lord Muzan’s assassins interrupt the meeting, pretending to be members of the Twelve Kizuki, and unleash a furious assault on the house using Temari and Arrow spells.

Tanjiro takes on the Arrow demon while the others play a deadly game of handball with the Temari demon. Tanjiro manages to take out Yahaba by combining several forms of Water Breathing, but he is exhausted from the fight. Nezuko and Yushiro are able to hold Susamaru back, but she is ultimately too powerful for them.

In order to prevent the situation from escalating, Tamayo uses a spell that triggers Muzan’s curse inside Susamaru. The Temari Demon falls victim to the curse and dies, leaving a scarred image in Tanjiro’s head.

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After the battle, Tamayo and Yushiro decide to leave the area. Nezuko regards them both as her human family, moving Tamayo and Yushiro. They bid farewell and Tanjiro leaves town for his next mission south-southeast.

Significant events

  • Tanjiro’s first encounter with Muzan Kibutsuji.
  • The Twelve Kizuki are presented
  • Tanjiro KamadoNezuko Kamado, Tamayo , and Yushiro vs. Susamaru and Yahaba
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