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8 Very Interesting Fact About The Character Nezuko Kamado

The Demon Slayer story has become a fan favorite of the anime series. The story revolves around a smart boy named Tanjiro Kamado and his sister Nezuko who are thrown into a world of demons when Nezuko is attacked by demons. Once she is attacked, Nezuko turns into a demon. Tanjiro is recruited as a demon slayer to help destroy evil demons. She constantly fights to retain her humanity and protect other humans, including her brother Tanjiro. As she is a heroine who is also a demon, Nezuko has the best of both worlds. Nezuko inherited enhanced regenerative abilities that allow him to heal his severed limbs in seconds, transform into a demon to have berserk physical prowess, and resist sunlight unlike other demons. This is one of the main reasons why everyone loves Nezuko Kamado. Want to know what makes this character so special in the series? Let’s take a look at it together!

Nezuko‘s eyes changed color after her transformation

Nezuko’s eyes were originally crimson, which is unusual for human eyes. Her eyes turned pink when she converted into a monster, though. Her pink eyes suggest her malevolent disposition, which is typically the opposite way around. We can’t overlook the fact that her kimono (dress) is likewise pink, which matches her eye colour. Even though she has turned into a monster, it reminds her of her innocence and decent heart. To go along with her other demon features, Nezuko possesses enormous fangs and sharp claw-like nails in addition to her pink eyes.

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Nezuko’s human traits are immutable

Nezuko, like her brother Tanjiro, was a nice and compassionate person before she transformed into a demon. She prioritised her loved ones in order to care for them. Except for memories of her family, she lost practically all of her human memories during her metamorphosis. Despite her transformation into a demon, Nezuko chose to keep her compassionate and protective personality. She defended people she regarded as kin. On top of that, she and her brother battle demons to protect the people they care about. After Nezuko’s metamorphosis into a demon, we may claim that all is not lost.

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Nezuko is an extraordinary demon

Even after transforming into a monster, Nezuko retains control over her emotions and human awareness. Nezuko and Tanjiro saw a dramatic shift in her after she encountered other demons. She recovers her vitality through sleep rather than relying on human blood. She also demonstrated tremendous strength and power in every fight. After each battle, his “Explosive Blood Demon Art” becomes more powerful. She drew the attention of all Demon Slayer fans due to her innocent attitude and special powers.

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Nezuko’s family connection to fire

Before the attack, Nezuko Kamado’s family operated in the charcoal business, which meant they worked with fire. Nezuko’s main component has become fire as her talents have grown throughout the series. She can turn blood into flames outside of her body, and her Demon Blood Art is based on fire. When Nezuko uses the explosive blood, it turns into pink flames. Because families who deal with fire are regarded lucky, it’s no surprise that Nezuko was able to use her fire talents against other demons with ease. The usage of fire appears to run in the family.


Nezuko’s name is linked to her house

The Kamado family is seen to dwell in a snowy mountainous region towards the start of the series. Nezuko’s name has a profound connection to her family’s homeland and a deeper meaning. The Japanese word Nezuko means “snowball blossom” in part. Winter is the best time to see these flowers because they bloom throughout the majority of the year. As a result, his name is linked to the location where his family resided prior to the demon’s attack. Flower-based names are widespread in Japan, but we can see how Nezuko’s name fits her background well.

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Nezuko’s demonic form has an insane mode

Nezuko enters her berserk demonic condition when she becomes too angered and unable to manage her rage. His forehead has horns sprouting from it, and vine marks wrap over his torso. In this stage, she is at her most powerful, but she begins to desire human blood for nourishment. Tanjiro, her brother, is the only person who can calm her down in this situation. Tanjiro begins singing a lullaby that their mother used to sing to them while she was crazy. This calms Nezuko and allows her to return to her previous state. Even though she is stronger in this state, it is too dangerous, which is why Tanjiro is constantly there to soothe her.

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Nezuko’s family comes from a powerful line

Another thing that sets Nezuko apart from other demons is the fact that she hails from a powerful family. His family is primarily composed of swordsmen skilled in the Breath of the Sun technique. Tanjiro’s sword becomes red when Nezuko’s Demonic Art charges it, precisely like the first Breath of the Sun aeons ago. The most powerful and unique blast method used by Demon Slayer. The Kamado family is clearly descended from the original Breath of the Sun user, as evidenced by numerous indications throughout the series. This indicates that this style has been passed down from generation to generation in this family. One of the reasons Nezuko’s demonic nature differs from that of other demons could be her powerful bloodline.

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Nezuko is revealed to be a Day Walker.

Demons in Demon Slayer, like vampires, are unable to walk during the day to shield themselves from the sun’s rays. Because Nezuko is an outlier, he was given the label “Chosen Demon.” She can stroll in the sun without getting scorched, unlike other demons. This reveals why one of the demons, Muzan Kibutsuji, is targeting Nezuko. He’s been searching for a demon who can appear in the sunlight for millennia. To get this power, he wants to consume Nezuko. Muzan will be able to stroll freely in the sunlight after he devours her, he believes.

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