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8 times Tanjiro acted selfishly in Demon Slayer (and paid the price)

Demon Slayer ‘s Tanjiro is a kind and compassionate hero known for his selflessness, but he must sometimes act selfishly to achieve his goals.

Tanjiro Kamado is not a selfish person. He is often seen as an incredibly selfless hero among popular anime shonen protagonists. Even to man-eating, murdering demons, he is kind, sensitive, and empathetic. Tanjiro, on the other hand, has his own objectives.

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Muzan Kibutsuji slaughtered his family and turned Nezuko into a demon, and he intends to kill him. He also wishes to heal his sister, who was shown to be a demon capable of resisting the need to eat human flesh. Tanjiro is frequently forced to perform selfish things, even if for selfless reasons, as a result of these aims.

When he tried to save Nezuko

Tanjiro Kamado had just seen his entire family slain by Muzan Kibutsuji when he attempted to save Nezuko, so when she showed signs of life, he was determined to do anything he could to save her. She had, however, transformed into a monster. He was saved by the Water Hashira Giyu Tomioka but Giyu told him that Nezuko had to die.

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Tanjiro selfishly refused, leading to Nezuko attacking them both, while Giyu also attacked Tanjiro. Fortunately, Nezuko remembered herself and protected Tanjiro, saving them both, but not before Tanjiro took both a physical and emotional beating.

When he wanted to become a killer

Tanjiro desired to become a Demon Slayer not just to cure Nezuko, but also to exact revenge on Muzan for murdering his family. However, wanting to get stronger is sometimes more selfish than selfless, as it put Tanjiro and Nezuko’s lives in constant danger, both from demons and from Hashira.


As a slayer, Tanjiro had to deal with the Demon Slayer Corps on multiple occasions, who intended to eliminate Nezuko. Also, every time she had to go out to save him (which she often did because he didn’t take care of him), Nezuko‘s humanity was put in jeopardy.

When he tried to convince the Hashira to accept Nezuko

The Hashira are a select group of Demon Slayers that have perfected their breathing skills and have led the other Demon Slayers in battles against Muzan and his minions. Their mission was to destroy demons, and they had all witnessed so much demon-caused sorrow that it was only natural that they would never trust any of them.

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So Tanjiro made the right choice and took Nezuko straight to the Hashiras’ lair. There they were able to examine her and decide if she was trustworthy. They tested her, and even though she passed, it put her at extreme risk.

When he took Nezuko everywhere

Nezuko can never be called weak. She’s exceedingly tough, which is why she frequently assists Tanjiro in battle. Regrettably, this puts him in grave danger of succumbing to his demonic thirst. So it’s irresponsible of Tanjiro to take him everywhere he goes (including in fights).

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Nezuko had to intervene several times. She and Tanjiro nearly died, and Nezuko narrowly escaped being kidnapped by Rui to play the role of his fake sister. Nezuko was beheaded and enticed to suck human blood during the battle with Daki.

When he faced Rui

Tanjiro should have known not to face one of the Twelve Kizuki without a Hashira at his side when he faced Rui, but that’s exactly what he did. Of course, he didn’t have much of a choice, but he didn’t play it thin when he realized that family ties were both the trigger and Rui’s weak point.

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Instead, he provoked Rui by informing her that Nezuko would never be a part of her “family” and fought with her, making Rui envy. He was quite fortunate that some of the Hashira arrived, since he was on the verge of dying in agony.

When he convinced Zenitsu to fight the Drum Demon

Zenitsu Agatsuma may be a girl-obsessed coward, but that doesn’t mean Tanjiro should have made him feel guilty for helping him fight an ex-moon demon.Zenitsu could fight demons and was highly powerful while sleeping. That’s most likely how he got past the selection process, but he shouldn’t have.

Zenitsu, on the other hand, wasn’t quite ready to take on the role of demon slayer. Despite the fact that his sleeping self was capable, he was untrustworthy. Tanjiro had no idea about Zenitsu’s secret slumber power, so going to the demon’s lair alone and forcing Zenitsu to follow him was pretty reckless.

When he planned to help Tamayo

Tanjiro‘s ultimate goal is to save Nezuko by finding a cure for being a demon, and there was another demon who had the same goal: Tamayo. When the two met, Tamayo assigned Tanjiro to help collect high-ranking demon blood.

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He is compelled to face not only Susamaru but also high-ranking demons later in the series because of his desire to help Tamayo. Tanjiro not only had to watch his colleagues (and even Hashira) perish at the hands of higher-ranking demons, but he also had to assist in their defeat, putting him and Nezuko in risk.

When he wanted to fight Daki

One of the worst decisions Tanjiro made was to battle Daki on his own. It appeared for a brief minute that she was going to let him go. She’d just killed two innocent peasants, but she turned away to flee. Tanjiro, on the other hand, determined he couldn’t let her get away with it.

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He was only able to survive the confrontation thanks to his sister’s intervention, which brought with it a new set of challenges. Despite her remarkable regeneration abilities, she was gravely harmed.Additionally, she was also tempted to eat human flesh when she encountered injured innocent people.

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