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8 Mistakes That Still Haunt Demon Slayer

Although Demon Slayer is a famous manga and anime, it is not without flaws. Demon Slayer is a popular anime with great ratings and praise for its animation and characters. That isn’t to say that the anime and manga characters, as well as their collaborators, haven’t made blunders during the series.


Demon Slayer characters aren’t perfect, from Hashira’s inability to protect the innocent to a Demon King that doesn’t always make the greatest judgments. Similarly, the writers and directors of the anime and manga made some egregious errors. Despite these errors, the anime was very successful and gathered fans from all walks of life.

Muzan probably regrets turning Nezuko

Muzan is definitely remorseful about Nezuko. Muzan’s attack on the Kamado Family and subsequent turning of Nezuko into a demon was one of his most egregious errors. Nezuko was converted into a demon by chance, and she was able to walk in the sun, which had been Muzan’s purpose all along.

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When Muzan turned Nezuko and left her on Kamado’s property for Tanjiro to discover and save her, he didn’t expect this. This meant that not only was the answer to Muzan’s goal in the hands of the other side, but Tanjiro also had a reason to kill Muzan.

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Losing Rengoku so quickly felt like a disservice

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Kyojuro Rengoku charmed people with his endearing personality and formidable fighting spirit, which impressed Akaza as well. However, his untimely demise during the Mugen Train Arc meant that fans would have to grieve their adored new favourite for the rest of their lives.

Demon Slayer the death of one of Mugen's protagonists

Rengoku’s death served a purpose and was perhaps necessary for the Demon Slayer narrative to advance, but the fast-paced nature of the event was the issue. Fans wanted to spend more time with him after the showrunners and author made them fall in love with him.

Muzan also probably regrets letting Tamayo go

Tamayo was formerly Muzan’s unwilling disciple, but following the tragic confrontation between Yoriichi and Muzan, Tamayo was free to pursue her own path. Muzan didn’t try to track down and stop Tamayo, but she managed to stay in the shadows. Tamayo’s subsequent meeting with Tanjiro appeared to be quite convenient. Tamayo’s tests with demon blood, on the other hand, were crucial to Tanjiro and Nezuko’s research. Although Muzan struggled to find a way to walk in the sun, he alienated everyone who could have achieved it for him and it never ceased to haunt him.

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Zenitsu has a number of problems, the most prominent of which being his infatuation with women and his fear. When he sleeps, though, his cowardice vanishes, and his sleep self fights for him with incredible speed and force. Although it appears to be a clever device at first, it quickly becomes a problem rather than a solution. Zenitsu can’t get any stronger by himself (when awake). Furthermore, the writers of the Demon Slayer anime and manga must constantly have a reason for him to be sleeping in order for him to battle.

The fact that the best demons do not eliminate all Hashira seems to be a programming error

As Demon Slayer fans have seen with Akaza, high level demons are incredibly strong.Fans wonder why Muzan didn’t have them battle the Hashira together, especially since he’s determined to kill Tanjiro. Tanjiro’s reputation preceded him, according to Enmu, and Tanjiro’s execution was ordered. Enmu, however, failed since he lacked the necessary strength, while Akaza, despite killing Kyojuro, was unable to slay Tanjiro. Muzan would have sent two high-level demons if he intended Tanjiro or any of the Hashira to die.

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Having so many types of breathing can be confusing

Demon Slayer’s power system is a little different from what many shonen fans are used to. Many distinct forms of breathing exist, and they don’t always seem to go together or separate easily. Fans of Demon Slayer are left wondering why Breathing Sun is so different from Breathing Fire, unless it’s to offer Tanjiro bloodline that would make him a threat to the series’ antagonist.

The deaths of so many demon slayers and slayer candidates highlight the hypocrisy

Hashiras are notorious for doing provocative things and for being harsh and insensitive on a regular basis. As seen in the Natagumo Mountain storyline, they frequently send their subordinates to their deaths. In addition, the process of becoming a demon slayer results in many avoidable deaths.

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This appears to be in direct contradiction to Rengoku’s vow that he would always save his subordinates. It is not necessarily the fault of the Hashiras, who must also answer to someone else. Nevertheless, their methods and results seem problematic alongside their goals and philosophies.

Having Tanjiro unable to decide his breathing style simultaneously makes him too weak & too strong

Tanjiro’s major attacks are based on Sakonji Urokodaki and Giyu Tomioka’s water breathing technique. He does, however, learn the Hinokami Kagura, a sun breathing technique. Since he was discovered by the Water Hashira, it makes likely that he is attempting to learn Water Breathing. Those who wield a Black Nichirin Blade, however, often cannot pick which breathing technique they want to study and perish as a result, as Kyojuro said when he saw Tanjiro’s Black Sword. However, it often works to its advantage, which is also quite handy.

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