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5 Times We Felt Bad For The Demons

Fans of Demon Slayer are subjected to scenes in which they are supposed to feel sorry for the demons while also despising them for the awful crimes they perpetrate. The audience is urged to see things through the eyes of the demon at several times in Demon Slayer. This is largely owing to Tanjiro Kamado’s empathetic and considerate attitude, as well as the fact that his sister is a demon. The agony and struggle of being a demon who needs to drink blood to survive is generally neglected, but many demons do so to survive. As Demon Slayer develops, fans are presented to scenes in which they must simultaneously feel sad for the demons and loathe them for their heinous crimes.

Fact: When Rui was cruel to his siblings

Both the Demon and Demon Slayer tiers have a lot of sorrow. Death, bereavement, injury, and trauma are all too common. Despite having to consume humans to exist, demons don’t always deserve what they’re getting. Rui’s pseudo-family of spider demons, a moon demon, is an example of this. Rui established a toxic and abusive environment in which he murdered several Spider Family members. If a member defied Rui or attempted to flee, he was brutally murdered. This is what happened to her “sister” and most likely many others.

No: When Muzan assassinated the Kamado family

The death of the Kamado family members is one of the most terrible and tough scenes to watch in Demon Slayer. The violence was seen even if it wasn’t depicted on film. The eldest son, Tanjiro, arrives home to find his entire family dead, with the exception of his sister, Nezuko, who has been transformed into a demon. At the time, no one felt sorry for the demons. Tanjiro had everything he cared about snatched away from him, and admirers had only recently witnessed his kindness, compassion, and selflessness. He didn’t deserve to see such a horrific scene.

Also: When Rui’s parents attempted to murder him

After converting someone into a demon, Muzan frequently manipulates them. When they take their first steps as demons, they are left alone, which leads to tragedy. Both Tamayo and Rui experienced this. Rui assassinated his parents after they attempted to kill him because he was a demon, while Tamayo assassinated his family in a demonic wrath. Rui was a tragic character, but his demon choices were so awful that he had no alternative but to die.. Fans can’t help but believe that Rui was as much a victim of Muzan as the others were of Rui.

No: When Rengoku was killed

One of the darkest periods in the Demon Slayer franchise occurred during the Infinity Train Arc. The flame hashira Kyojuro Rengoku was murdered by the demon Akaza, one of Muzan’s strongest demon moons, after a violent struggle. Rengoku was a fan favourite and even garnered internet celebrity as a persona, but the sad truth is that he left Tanjiro to pick up the pieces.

Fact: When demons were just trying to survive

The unfortunate reality of being a demon is that they cannot survive or battle without human blood. Not eating humans is inconceivable for the majority of them, first because the urge is uncontrollable, and second because it takes a very rare demon to exist without ever tasting human blood. There is no turning back once a monster has tasted it. As a result, most of these demons must consume humans to survive, while some have devised less intrusive ways to feed. While it is their responsibility to discover a less lethal means of feeding themselves, it is heartbreaking to watch people slaughtered for something that is purportedly necessary.

No: When Rui coveted Nezuko & Tajiro’s relationship

Tanjiro was alone when he confronted Rui (except for Nezuko whose conscience was not always reliable). Fortunately, Rui was not one of the Demon Moons’ strongest. He was still so powerful, nevertheless, that he nearly murdered Tanjiro and Nezuko. He seemed to resent Tanjiro because of his sister’s friendship with him. Rui missed having a family as a result of the pain he had after becoming a demon and killing his own family. As a result, he went after Tanjiro and Nezuko, particularly after Nezuko defended his brother.

Fact: When Nezuko was in pain

Nezuko and Tanjiro were the Kamado family’s lone survivors. However, Nezuko changed into a monster during this battle. The killers never believed Nezuko despite her suffering as a human-turned-demon. She and Tanjiro had to fight tooth and nail to prove her innocence, and she had to take a hashira stab in the process. Nezuko was a one-of-a-kind demon. She didn’t drink human blood, but she did heal herself while sleeping. She was given exceptional abilities since she did not drink human blood.

Didn’t: When Kazumi’s financier was revealed to have been eaten

The fact that demons must devour humans is tragic, but the fact that humans must be eaten is much sadder. When Tanjiro attempted to locate and rescue Kazumi’s fiancée, he encountered this. Satoko, the fiancée, was stolen by the Swamp Demon in the middle of the night. This was Tanjiro’s first true experience with demons (Apart from training exercises and testing to join the Slayer Corps, this was Tanjiro’s first true encounter with demons, as well as his first real operation.), and it was also his first real mission.

Done: When Tamayo was upset

Tamayo’s position as a demon is precarious. Because of her history with Muzan, she is wanted by both Slayers and Demons, but she is also a demon. Tamayo is fortunate in that he has Yushiro and, on rare instances, Tanjiro to help him. Because she is a physician who has even treated the killer Tanjiro, Tamayo is a lovable figure. On the other hand, some of Muzan’s demon moons also assaulted Tamayo. Tamayo is a charming girl who is compelled to hide all of the time.

No: When Muzan was abusive to everyone

Muzan is the most powerful of the demons, yet despite his motivations, he is also a cruel person. He is vicious not just to humans, but also to other demons, and he is quick to kill them, as well as any other killers he encounters. Muzan is also a sadist who transforms humans into demons both to increase his strength and to torture them. He persuaded Rui to become a demon, pulling the strings that led to Rui murdering his family. He made Nezuko a demon for no other purpose than to be a villain.

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