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10 worst things about Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agatsuma of Demon Slayer may be Tanjiro’s electric friend, but he has his own set of problems and character flaws. Demon Slayer is a prominent shonen action series that has earned a spot among the unofficial “big three” of modern shonen because to studio UFOtable’s excellent animation, interesting characters, and fine battle system. However, the key Demon Slayer characters, such as Zenitsu Agatsuma, still have a lot to dislike. Zenitsu has dazzled spectators with his high-velocity thunder breathing technique on occasion, and he is often stronger than his critics believe. Zenitsu, on the other hand, has flaws in his character, squandered opportunities, and other negative elements that hold him back.

Fans can’t tell why Zenitsu has a sparrow

Zenitsu’s animal buddy is one of his more minor, but nevertheless irritating problems. Every demon slayer is given a talking crow to serve as a messenger, and these crows may be rather amusing and appealing at times. Zenitsu, on the other hand, was given a small sparrow instead. The sparrow itself is OK, but it’s strange that Zenitsu got up with such a bird, and Demon Slayer didn’t offer any explanation. Zenitsu isn’t known for its logic, and this is an illustration of that.

Zenitsu didn’t want to become a demon slayer

Anyone would be terrified of the dangers and hardships that come with being a demon slayer, but Zenitsu goes too far even there. He has a bad attitude toward his job, and he didn’t even want to be a demon slayer to begin with. Unlike Tanjiro Kamado, who signed up voluntarily and without reluctance, Zenitsu was almost pulled out of the practical exam. Tanjiro was probably nervous as well, but he wasn’t forced to become a killer.

Zenitsu is notoriously cowardly

Most demon slayers are probably worried about their careers being jeopardised — after all, they’re just human. Zenitsu, on the other hand, pushes him to the limit, even interfering with Tanjiro’s missions; Zenitsu appears to be terrified of everything.
Whenever Tanjiro or Inosuke is ready to fight the enemy or venture into demonic territory, Zenitsu is overwhelmed with fear and refuses to follow them. He has the sword and uniform of a demon slayer, but certainly not the courage of one.

Zenitsu raises his voice too much

When it comes to a mission, Zenitsu will not only be terrified, but he will also start yelling about it. When Zenitsu is terrified of something, he raises his voice and expresses his concerns to Tanjiro and Inosuke; he may even break down in tears.
Zenitsu irritates other characters and Demon Slayer fans with his constant yelling, which was once terrifying but has since become tiresome. Every anime appears to have a character who is prone to obnoxious yelling, and Zenitsu is that character in Demon Slayer. Zenitsu has a habit of whining about stuff. Zenitsu’s worst characteristics include his cowardice, his habit of yelling, and his proclivity to whine; he frequently combines these flaws during Demon Slayer.

Zenitsu tends to complain about things

Zenitsu‘s worst traits involve not only his cowardly side and his habit of shouting, but also his tendency to complain; he often combines these traits during Demon Slayer. Even if there is nothing to worry about, Zenitsu will just find something to complain about instead.
Zenitsu manages to find the worst in almost every situation and complains about it nonstop. The only exception is that he enjoyed the hard training at Butterly’s estate.

Zenitsu’s outfit is flashy

Zenitsu’s bright yellow and orange robes complement his yellow hair and electric motif, so the outrageous colour choice is at least understandable. Zenitsu’s sickly fashion sense is easy to critique, as he pales in comparison to well-dressed characters like Kyojuro Rengoku or the colourful Tengen Uzui. When it’s time to fight, Zenitsu’s robes stand out, making him a more visible target for demons. There are also the white triangles on Zenitsu‘s robes, which look more silly than elegant.

Zenitsu lacks a role model

It’s true that Zenitsu admires Kyojuro Rengoku and is inspired by him, but for the most part, Kyojuro is Tanjiro’s role model rather than Zenitsu‘s . Zenitsu doesn’t really have a role model to follow and that’s holding him back.
Top shonen heroes inspire viewers as they strive to look like their role models, like My Hero Academia’s Izuku Midoriya who admires the symbol of peace, All Might. Unfortunately, Zenitsu doesn’t have a role model of his own, and it feels like there’s a big void in his character arc.

Zenitsu used to annoy girls

At one point in Demon Slayer, Tanjiro ran into Zenitsu who was busy harassing a girl on the road; Tanjiro stepped in to resolve the situation. It turns out that Zenitsu made a habit of harassing all single girls and tricking them into marrying him before he inevitably died in the line of duty.

While it is true that Demon Slayers die young, Zenitsu’s actions are not excused. He makes a fool of himself by harassing citizens for no reason. Fortunately, after creating a party with Tanjiro and Inosuke, he ceased doing so.

Zenitsu’s power level is unreliable

When everything is on the line, Zenitsu can perform extraordinary feats of strength in combat, such as moving fast in a straight line while decapitating his opponent with his thunder breathing. It’s impressive, yet it’s not completely trustworthy. Zenitsu must fall asleep in order to wield his true power, which he cannot do on demand. Zenitsu can’t do much when a fight starts until he falls out from terror and then uses his thunder breathing.

Zenitsu does not yet have a convincing backstory

Zenitsu’s lack of a fascinating past is another flaw in his character that could be addressed in future Demon Slayer story arcs, although it currently ranks among the worst aspects of his character. Zenitsu typically lacks a compelling story to explain where shonen heroes came from and how they were influenced by the people around them. Zenitsu trains with his former mentor in brief flashbacks, but it’s hardly much. Fans of the Demon Slayer will undoubtedly like Zenitsu even more once they learn the complete story of his origins and development.

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