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10 Times Tanjiro Stole The Show In Demon Slayer

Several times during Demon Slayer, Tanjiro stole the show from side characters with the brightest personalities.

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As the protagonist of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro Kamado had many standout moments that shocked audiences and enhanced his strength. There have been various points in the series where Tanjiro’s bravery has been demonstrated. Although Tanjiro has many characteristics with other shonen protagonists, his compassion, honesty, and courage far beyond those of his peers.

Although a protagonist’s role is to be in the limelight, there were several occasions during Demon Slayer where Tanjiro overshadowed supporting characters with flashier personalities, like Inosuke or Tengen. In the end, it was Tanjiro who stole the show in those moments.

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Tanjiro respected the value of Kyogai’s blood demon art

Tanjiro made the lower-ranked demon cry at the end of his struggle against Kyogai in the Tsuzumi Mansion. Kyogai was one of the most terrifying demons Tanjiro had ever encountered, and his powers and talents were unrivalled in his experience. Tanjiro commended Kyogai’s Blood Demon Art when he beheaded him. Kyogai couldn’t imagine a demon slayer would appreciate the effort he had put into producing his Blood Demon Art. As a result, Kyogai passed away, tears streaming down his face. This moment proved Tanjiro’s compassion and respect for his opponents.

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Tanjiro’s compassion for the Hand Demon was surprising.

Tanjiro had to confront the Hand Demon during the final selection. Sakonji has been confined and isolated on a mountain for 47 years, according to the Hand Demon. The Hand Demon chose to exact revenge on himself by attacking each of Urokodaki’s children, wasting time in the process. He was perplexed when the Hand Demon was beheaded as to why Tanjiro appeared unhappy despite beating him. Tanjiro detected the scent of despair and prayed that the man would not reincarnate as a demon. As he slid into darkness, he clung to one of the demon’s hands. Tanjiro has an uncanny ability to remind demons that they, too, were once human.

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Tanjiro ‘s eyes are bleeding with rage

Tanjiro was fuming with hatred throughout his fight with Daki. He accumulated such rage that his eyes started to bleed profusely. He became outraged when he discovered neighbouring bystanders were becoming collateral harm. Daki was annoyed by a bystander who claimed that the battle was disrupting his sleep, which fueled Tanjiro’s rage. In response, Daki quickly killed many civilians in retaliation.

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Tanjiro had always been upset by the demons’ recklessness, but Daki infuriated him especially with the extent of his destruction. It almost seemed like a game to her, which made her angry. Also, Tanjiro started crying blood when he remembered Shinjuro’s letter.

Tanjiro headbutted Inosuke so hard he knocked him out

Although Inosuke and Tanjiro became good friends during the Tsuzumi Mansion arc, they literally clashed when they first met. Zenitsu was protecting Nezuko’s box from Inosuke by guarding it. Tanjiro leapt to his feet and kicked Inosuke so hard that Zenitsu could hear bones cracking.

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Inosuke didn’t let that get him down though, he got up and continued to provoke Tanjiro into a bare-knuckle fight. Tanjiro’s attempts to de-escalate didn’t work, so he headbutted Inosuke hard enough to knock his mask off – then passed out moments later.

Tanjiro’s speech at the end of the Mugen Train arc was powerful

Tanjiro had some harsh words for Akaza at the end of the Mugen Train storyline. As the sun rose, Akaza escaped into the forest after inflicting a fatal wound on Rengoku. Tanjiro screamed fiercely at Akaza as he fled, calling him a coward. He reiterates, with tears in his eyes, that the Demon Slayer Corps fights demons in the dark, where they are most powerful. He also added that because human wounds are difficult to heal, they do not have the luxury of demons replacing missing limbs. The most crucial part of Tanjiro’s speech was when he kept yelling that Rengoku never fled a fight and never let anyone die, but Akaza fled like a coward because of the sun.

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Tanjiro’s fight against Daki proved Hinokami Kagura’s versatility

Before Nezuko got involved, Tanjiro was doing a great job of standing up to the top rank six demon, Daki. During this fight, Tanjiro concluded that he was not suited for Water Breathing and that it was best to use the Hinokami Kagura. The fight proved that Tanjiro has vastly improved since the first time he used this technique and it is now his main breathing style.

Hinokami Kagura is a fairly versatile character, and Tanjiro can perform a wide range of moves. His Fake Rainbow move is the most surprising; he utilised it to distract Daki with an afterimage so he could decapitate her from behind.

Tanjiro was determined to stay awake

Enmu utilised his Blood Demon Art to make all of the train passengers fall asleep during the Mugen Train arc. He assigned four insomniacs to penetrate Demon Slayers’ dreams and destroy their spiritual centres, causing them to fall into eternal sleep. Even if their dreams were pleasant, Tanjiro knew that they were only dreams. Tanjiro recognised what he needed to do to wake up and raced to battle Enmu right away. Enmu proceeded to put Tanjiro to sleep throughout the bout. Tanjiro could kill himself in the dream, wake up, and continue fighting as long as he was aware of what was going on. This cycle continued for quite some time – Tanjiro was determined to stay awake so he could defeat Enmu.

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The final moments of Tanjiro’s fight against Gyutaro were decisive

The entire entertainment area was devastated after the Demon Slayers defeated Gyutaro and Daki. The last seconds of the fight, when Tanjiro squared off against Gyutaro, were crucial. Gyutaro continued to abuse him after the fight, attempting to make him feel even worse. He kept taunting Tanjiro by calling him and the other Demon Slayers weak and shameful. Tanjiro finally headbutted Gyutaro and stabbed him with a Kunai to knock him out. Tanjiro was able to collaborate with Inosuke and Zenitsu to behead the two Upper Ranked demons because to his quick thinking.

Tanjiro slicing the block was a pivotal moment

The entire entertainment sector was devastated as a result of the Demon Slayers’ battle with the Gyutaro and Daki. The fight’s last seconds, when Tanjiro squared off against Gyutaro, were crucial. After the fight, Gyutaro continued to abuse him and try to make him feel even worse. He kept mocking Tanjiro and the other Demon Slayers, calling them weak and shameful. Tanjiro finally paralysed Gyutaro by headbutting him and stabbing him with a Kunai. Tanjiro worked with Inosuke and Zenitsu to behead the two Upper Ranked demons, thanks to his quick thinking.

Hinokami Kagura woke up during a life or death situation

Rui recalls his father teaching him a flame dance called Hinokami Kagura after he nearly murdered Tanjiro. Tanjiro awoke, and his new technique did as well. Rui was immediately humbled by the Hinokami Kagura in a stunning show of flames. Despite the fact that Tanjiro was able to defeat Rui with this new technique, his body was strained. The technique he employed to free Hinokami Kagura was more powerful than any other. As a result, he only used it as a last resort at first. Tanjiro learned, however, that his body was better suited to releasing Hinokami Kagura than breathing through water after extensive training.

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