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10 Times Plot Armor Helped The Demon Slayer

While plot armour can sometimes harm a series, there are situations when it can actually improve the tale, as in the case of Demon Slayer. Demon Slayer must be included on any ranking of the best anime of all time. The animation, narrative, music, and distinctive character design are all excellent. But like any good series, Demon Slayer has many scenes where the armor of the plot is put to the test.

While it’s often said that plot armor ruins a good series, it often happens that it makes the story even better, as it does in Demon Slayer. Used properly, plot armor can dramatically enhance a story.

Inosuke could somehow rearrange his internal organs to avoid a killing blow from Gyutaro

Inosuke, who possesses the Beast Breathing method, is capable of doing a wide range of feats with his body. He has such incredible flexibility that he can bend his body in ways that no person should be able to. Inosuke beheaded Daki during the Demon Slayers’ battle with the Upper Six of the Twelve Kizuki. Gyutaro eventually catches up with him and stabs him with his sickle. At the end of the fight, Inosuke arrives out of nowhere to assist Zenitsu, revealing that he has the ability to manipulate his internal organs. This story armature was desperately needed because not only did Zenitsu require assistance, but Inosuke is a crucial character. Fans can’t afford for him to leave.

Nezuko saved Tengen and Insouke with her hands-on Blood Demon Art

Gyutaro had significantly poisoned Tengen since their initial encounter. Tengen fought Upper Moon Six for a long time with this poison in his system until it was finally eliminated. Tengen was about to die since the poison had spread, but Nezuko simply had the greatest Blood Demon Art to remove the poison. Nezuko used this talent to save Inosuke as well. Tengen’s adventure, unlike Rengoku’s, did not end on a tragic note thanks to this particular armour.

Tanjiro was able to wake up from his dream just in time to fight Enmu

Enmu skillfully administered a powerful sleeping drug to the Mugen Train’s passengers, allowing them to relive their happiest memories. Tanjiro was the only one who discovered he had been enchanted. He is also the only person who knows how to break the enchantment. Why would he refuse? After all, he is the major character. Tanjiro was able to wake up and fight, or the train would have been completely destroyed.

Rengoku fighting in his sleep was plot armor at its finest

A human should not be able to move his physical body while under the influence of a spell like Enmu’s. Rengoku was asleep when one of Enmu’s children penetrated his dream and attempted to destroy his spiritual centre, which would have rendered him disabled in the real world.

Rengoku, like the good boss that he was, defended himself even while he slept and held this dream invader in a damper. Apparently, the plot endowed him with an inhuman survival instinct. Rengoku eventually became the ace of victory over Enmu.

Tanjiro was about to die when he fought Rui, then Hinokami Kagura arrived

Tanjiro and his buddies came across a “family” of demons in the depths of Natagumo Mountain. Tanjiro was up against the most powerful of them all, Rui, the Kizuki’s lowest fifth. At this time in the story, Rui was far more powerful than Tanjiro could handle. Tanjiro was on the verge of being shredded when he experienced a flashback and an enlightenment. Tanjiro seems to have developed a new breathing technique and was able to cut Rui’s threads. He had no idea what form he was taking. This twist, while quite convenient, is the scenario that propelled Demon Slayer to its current popularity.

Even after everything Gyutaro did to him, Tengen still refuses to die

Tengen was a very resilient guy who refused to give in to defeat even when the odds were against him. He was able to stand up to a higher ranked demon and gave Gyutaro a hard time .

Even after Gyutaro repeatedly poisoned him and even cut off his left wrist, the plot armor manifested in the form of Tengen Uzui, who arrived just in time to save Tanjiro. Tengen then fought against Gyutaro in what became the best fight of the series.

Tanjiro woke up his Demon Slayer Mark when he needed it most

It’s one of the series’ most epic scenes so far. From Tanjiro escaping Gyutaro’s attack to Tengen’s furious final battle with Gyutaro, not to mention Zenitsu taking Daki on a lightning-fast trip through the entertainment area, a lot happened. In order to be strong enough to decapitate Gyutaro, Tanjiro summoned a force he had never used before and triggered his Demon Slayer Mark at the battle’s conclusion. Rengoku must have been extremely powerful to be able to sever part of Akaza’s neck without leaving any Demon Slayer markings.

Inosuke was saved at the last second by Giyu Tomioka

Several times in the series, Inosuke could have died if things had gone differently. One of those many instances is when he fought the demoInosuke could have died several times in the series if things had gone differently. One of the many times he fought the demon Father Spider was one of them. While it appeared like Inosuke had terrified the demon, it turned out that he simply needed time to moult. After losing his skin, he faced Inosuke again and this time Inosuke was so terrified that he was sure he was going to die.

After some inspiration, Inosuke decided to fight. Of course, he nearly got pulverized, and just as he was about to get his head smashed like a grape, Giyu came looking cooler than ever and finished off the demon.

Tanjiro would have cut his neck if it wasn’t for Inosuke

While battling Enmu , Tanjiro fell victim to Enmu ‘s sleeping spell several times. However, Tanjiro understood that he could free himself from the spell by cutting his neck in his dreams. During the fight, Tanjiro slit his neck in a dream many times and was about to do so in real life.

Inosuke stepped in when things were going to get really bad and stopped Tanjiro. Apparently, Enmu ‘s sleep spell didn’t work on Inosuke. Thanks to the boar’s head Inosuke wears, Enmu couldn’t catch Inosuke ‘s gaze to put him to sleep.

Nezuko used a Blood Demon Art for the first time to help Tanjiro

Tanjiro’s fight against Rui was simply stunning, with plenty of jaw-dropping moments. When he finally started using Hinokami Kagura, it seemed like the fight couldn’t get any better.

Still, fans couldn’t help but worry about Tanjiro charging at Rui as the dangerous wires still slashed at him. Nezuko ‘s mother appeared to her in her thoughts and begged her to help Tanjiro. The result was a beautiful moment of brotherly bonding that made the fight even better in many ways.

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