10 Times Nezuko Was Tanjiro’s Best Ally In Demon Slayer

Nezuko and Tanjiro are inseparable as siblings and partners. Although Tanjiro has gained many friends, Nezuko is still his best teammate.

Demon Slayer is a modern fantasy shonen series featuring kindly protagonist Tanjiro Kamado, who seeks to restore his beloved sister Nezuko’s humanity after she is turned into a flesh-eating demon. Usually it‘s Tanjiro who fights as an experienced Demon Slayer, but sometimes Nezuko supports him.

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Nezuko has proven to be Tanjiro’s best ally many times during her journey to kill Muzan. Sometimes she is even a better travel companion for him than Inosuke and Zenitsu. Tanjiro is very lucky to have her by his side. There are many scenes where Nezuko supports her brother, either directly or indirectly as her best ally.

When Nezuko fell asleep for two years

Nezuko has helped her brother in remarkable ways, including being less of a burden. Nezuko would never purposely be a troublesome burden, so she finds ways to be less of a problem for Tanjiro . This includes simply going to sleep.


Nezuko is starved like a demon, but refuses to harm anyone or eat flesh. So she did Tanjiro and herself a great service by staying asleep for two years while Tanjiro trained, which kept his demonic hunger in check. This allowed Tanjiro to focus on training.

When Nezuko agreed to stay in a box

This is another instance where Nezuko has been a great ally by being cooperative and less cumbersome. Like all demons, Nezuko can’t stand direct sunlight, and it would be difficult for her to travel through Japan with Tanjiro. A solution has therefore been found.

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Tanjiro bought a wooden backpack and Nezuko, who is a cooperative travel companion, had no qualms about staying in it all day. She can even shrink into her “smol Nezuko  ” form to fit in better, which makes things even more convenient.

When Nezuko helped Tanjiro fight a demon in the beginning

Most of the time, Tanjiro doesn’t expect his sister to fight demons directly, as he is the one who was trained and equipped to fight demons. However, at the start of the series, Tanjiro wasn’t ready to fight the demons, and he was practically helpless when an ordinary demon attacked them.

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Nezuko came to her brother’s aid by performing a powerful kick that ripped the demon’s head off and even though it wasn’t the final blow, it still did a lot of good. The demon could do no more harm until the sun rose and vaporized it.

Nezuko helped Tanjiro fight the Swamp Demon

Tanjiro‘s first real mission as a Demon Slayer involved visiting a town haunted by a grinding-toothed demon that was actually made up of three bodies. This demon could use swamp water to ambush people who came out of nowhere. Tanjiro struggled to fight him that night.

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Luckily for Tanjiro, Nezuko was ready to join the fray, and she fought her fellow demon mercilessly. With her help, Tanjiro was finally able to get rid of the swamp demon, saving his last victim in the process.

When Nezuko goes after Susamaru

Tanjiro and Nezuko soon encountered the benevolent demon Tamayo and his assistant Yushiro, but trouble arose. Susamaru and the eye-based demon Yahaba launched an assault, and it was up to Tanjiro and Nezuko to fend them off.

Once again, Nezuko served as an excellent combat companion for Tanjiro, using every shred of his strength to fight against Muzan’s two minions. Despite being heavily injured, Nezuko did everything she could to repel Temari’s weaponized balls and destroy her. In the end, the Kamados won.

When Nezuko Used Her Blood Demon Art To Upgrade Tanjiro ‘s Sword

During the battle against the Spider Rui, Tanjiro was on the defensive. He was no match for the 5 of the Lower Moon, and at one point Nezuko got stuck in Rui’s web – she couldn’t directly help Tanjiro fight. But she had another option, her Blood Demon Art.

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Nezuko used her art to add fire to Tanjiro ‘s technique , and with that extra firepower, Tanjiro delivered a major blow to Rui. This bought the Kamados time until two Hashira members, Giyu and Shinobu, arrived to finish the job.

When Nezuko resists her Hun

Tanjiro and his allies were then taken to the Hashiras compound, where the Kamados were treated badly. Tanjiro was considered a traitor for having a demonic companion, and the Wind Hashira, Sanemi, wanted to prove that Nezuko was nothing more than a man-eating beast.

Tanjiro could only watch Sanemi tempt Nezuko with his blood, but Nezuko resisted by sheer willpower. This helped prove that the Kamados were loyal and trustworthy allies to the Hashira, and Tanjiro has his sister to thank.

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When Nezuko freed Tanjiro from Enmu’s dream

During the Mugen Train story arc, Nezuko came to her brother’s aid once again, and no one saw it coming. Enmu, the First Lower Moon, trapped the entire group of Tanjiros in a convincing dream to murder them, but Nezuko refused to let her brother die.

Nezuko’s blood art fire wasn’t enough to wake Tanjiro up, but his efforts made Tanjiro realize he was in a dream. This gave him a chance to devise his own method to escape from the dream world and fight Enmu.

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When Nezuko dominated Daki

Nezuko shocked everyone in the Entertainment District story arc when she took on the powerful Upper Moon 6, Daki , on her own. She unleashed a brand new ability that made her much stronger, and she defeated Daki multiple times while using her art of blood fire.

This allowed Tanjiro’s team to defeat Daki temporarily, but when Gyutaro arrived to help his demonic sister, things got tough again. Later, Tanjiro and his new ally Tengen Uzui will need Nezuko’s help to survive Gyutaro ‘s poison.

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When Nezuko destroyed Gyutaro’s poison

Gyutaro and Daki were eventually killed, but Gyutaro’s poison was still active, and the exhausted and injured Demon Slayers couldn’t do much. That’s when Nezuko ‘s Blood Demon Art came in handy, as this fire can do more than just burn the flesh of demons. He can destroy almost anything related to demons, including poisons.

Nezuko ‘s blood art cured Tanjiro and Tengen of the poison and Tengen’s three kunoichi allies were stunned when the fire healed their husband rather than cremating him. Once again, Nezuko saved the day without expecting anything in return.

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