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10 Times Demon Slayer Was Deeper Than Expected

The Demon Slayer series has a fairly standard premise, but it stands out for its darker moments and the incredible way in which it develops empathy for demons. Demon Slayer has swept the world by storm, with its feature film grossing more than $500 million worldwide, making it the most popular animated film of all time. Tanjiro Kamado and his sister Nezuko, who has been changed into a demon, search for a cure to return her to human form in Demon Slayer, an action-packed adventure.

Tanjiro soon realizes that he is overwhelmed by events as there is a whole hierarchy of demons. He’ll have to become a great demon slayer and ascend through the ranks of demon hunting to help his sister. The show’s darker parts and the wonderful way they can make fans feel empathy for demons give it an edge.

Yushiro’s decision to become a demon

Tamayo is the first “good” demon fans see outside of Nezuko, Tanjiro’s sister . He is a gentle, intelligent and caring person who has dedicated his life to finding demons and discovering the scientific secrets of transformations.

Tanjiro learns that Tamayo is different from other demons, and that she changed Yushiro into a demon because he was dying of an incurable condition. She gave him the option of dying or becoming a demon.

The Heartbreaking Solace of the Demon Spider Mother

Nothing is more terrible than witnessing family members suffer from an abusive relationship, especially when the abuse continues indefinitely. Rui was the first of the Twelve demons that Kizuki fans met. Rui was a fierce foe who compelled weaker demons to act as a fictitious family. Rui and the false Father demon beat the Mother Spider demon on a regular basis, and she welcomed Tanjiro’s death to save herself.

Susamaru’s childlike plea for his Temari Ball during his death

Making people feel emotional and sorry for the Demons is a tough feat, as they need to be feared so fans can keep cheering on Tanjiro. The fact that some demons are converted against their will adds a high level to the dimension of the wicked.
This is what happens to Susamaru after she is defeated by Tanjiro. It is strongly hinted that she was just a child when she was turned into a demon against her will. As she died, her desperate plea for her temari ball seemed too innocent for a demon.

Revealing of Sabito and Makomo as victims of the final selection

Seeing Tanjiro struggle to become a Certified Demon Slayer during Final Selection was a terrible moment for fans, and it was made even more difficult when it was discovered that the two people who were assisting him were long deceased. They’d failed their tests and were murdered by the same demon that Tanjiro had defeated during the last round. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it was also revealed that they were Urokodaki’s sensei’s former students.

Inosuke’s mother’s sacrifice to keep him safe

Despite the fact that Inosuke is a backup comic character on par with Zenitsu, his history is heartbreaking. Although an exaggerated and wacky character, fans witness Inoksuke’s past at the same time as him, since he doesn’t remember anything.

While being smothered by the demon Father Spider, he sees his past and someone he assumes to be his mother crying letting him go. He couldn’t remember her since she sacrificed him to keep him safe.

Tanjiro reuniting with his massacred family

The sequence in which Tanjiro discovers his family slain sets the tone for the entire plot while also leaving unknowing audiences in a state of disbelief. The first episode didn’t waste any time. When the juxtaposition between the beautiful and tranquil landscape abruptly ended with Tanjiro discovering his family mercilessly slaughtered by demons, viewers were thrust into the deep end. Despite the fact that the death of parents and siblings is an overused anime trope, the grisly sights and Tanjiro’s reaction make for a sombre moment.

Giyu & Urokodaki’s solemn oath to support Tanjiro & Nezuko

There was no non-combat moment with more suspense than when Tanjiro waited to hear the decision on his and Nezuko ‘s fate. When Tanjiro knew his sister’s fate was out of his hands and there was nothing he could do to stop the Hashira, fans could feel his desperation. Fortunately, Giyu and Urokodaki stood up and vouched for Nezuko by putting their heads on the block. They both promised to do seppuku if she ever hurt a human, which made Tanjiro cry.

Tanjiro‘s happy dream with his family

Everyone has had a dream they wish had come true and wished they could go back to sleep after waking up to continue living out that vision. Enmu’s blood demon art is so painful because of this universal sensation. Enmu has the ability to lull Demon Slayers to sleep, putting them in scenarios that will keep them occupied for as long as possible. Tanjiro sees his family alive and well in this dream world.If seeing him cry tears of joy wasn’t dark enough, seeing him cry even more when he realizes it’s not real and he has to go is worse.

Rui’s sympathetic story

tragic aspect of his past. Rui is one of the most powerful devils Tanjiro has ever faced, thus his narrative can only be painful. Because Rui was born weak and fragile, Muzen transformed him into a demon, who then murdered his parents. All of this helps explain why Rui was so desperate to have a family that he forced demons into the role.

The heroic and epic death of Rengoku

The most emotional part of the entire series so far comes from the standout feature and animated arc Mugen Train. For the first time, one of the most powerful demon slayers finds death.

Rengoku was an enthusiastic and righteous fighter who helped Tanjiro and the gang immensely, and the fight between a high-ranking demon and a Hashira member was always going to be a formidable battle. The climax of the fight, the music and Tanjiro ‘s last words left no one indifferent.

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