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10 Things Tengen Uzui And Satoru Gojo Have In Common

Tengen Uzui used the second half of Demon Slayer Season 2 to promote himself in a big way. Tengen became Tanjiro’s mentor and ally after attempting to kidnap Aoi from the Papillon Mansion and enrolling the series’ protagonist into his organisation. Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen is possibly the only anime character who can equal Tengen’s showy mentorship. Both serve as mentors in their own series and have combat techniques that are admired by both villains and fans.


Tengen and Satoru know how to raise their voice above the crowd

Tengen Uzui is the only Demon Slayer who has surpassed Inosuke Hashibira to yet. Given Inosuke’s huge ego and lack of decorum while dealing with his peers, this is a remarkable achievement. Satoru isn’t the loudest character in Jujutsu Kaisen, but he’s not afraid to raise his voice when he’s excited. He made sure Principal Gakuganji and all of the students present at Kyoto’s goodwill exchange event could hear him announce Yuji’s return from beyond the grave.

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Gojo is one of the few anime characters who can match Tengen’s flashiness.

Jujutsu Kaisen Satoru Gojo sunglasses: sparkling style.
No one surpasses Tengen Uzui in terms of flashiness, but some come close. Because of the innovative nature of his cursed skill, Satoru Gojo is one of the few anime characters who can match Tengen’s showy persona. Satoru is an important figure despite his rather tranquil demeanour. In combat, the Blindfolded Mentor’s bright blue eyes and powerful cursed skills are displayed, thus he doesn’t need to show off his personality. Tengen may have outstripped Satoru in terms of style, but he’s never come close to matching Satoru’s Infinite Void.

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The musical score is as overpowered in Demon Slayer as Limitless is in Jujutsu Kaisen

With their superhuman techniques, both Tengen and Sotaru can lead their trainees to triumph. Tengen Uzui’s Musical Score technique grants him limited precognitive powers if he lives long enough to employ it. Tengen used this technique to track a higher-rank demon with just one hand. Satoru, on the other hand, acquired two of Jujutsu Kaisen’s most potent cursed techniques from his power system. Even the most powerful wizards and cursed spirits revere Gojo in battle because of the combined potency of the Limitless and 6 Eyes methods.

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Tengen & Satoru have a diverse set of combat skills

In battle, the former shinobi turned demon slayer has a full armament. Tengen travels with wisteria-infused smoke bombs, poison kunai, and sonic breath bending in addition to his Nichirin blades. Although the Sound Hashira’s skill set is extensive, it is not quite as powerful as Satoru Gojo’s. Gojo’s armoury contains two of the most powerful cursed Jujutsu Kaisen techniques, cursed energy bending, and martial arts training that can compete with the finest of the best. Gojo and Tengen’s diverse skills make them virtually unstoppable.


Both Gojo and Uzui have the silver locks matching their skills

When fans compare Satoru Gojo and Tengen Uzui, one of the first things they’ll notice is their gorgeous silver hair. Silver hair is associated with strength in the anime world. Fans have been searching for silver-haired characters to play super-powered sensei since the days of Kakashi Hatake. Fans are fortunate to have two.

Tengen’s confidence is matched by Satoru’s irreverence. Gakuganji and Gojo

Tengen and Gojo are two of the most self-assured anime characters. While there are plenty of self-assured anime heroes, it’s rare to come across characters who can stand up as forcefully as these two in the face of adversity.

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It’s encouraging to see Tengen use his showy persona against an Upper-Rank monster. Satoru is too overpowered to breathe, yet the way he taunted Jogo before removing his cursed head from his cursed body showed a level of confidence few can match.

No silver-haired sensei is complete without his powerful subordinates

Without a student with infinite potential, no silver-haired sensei is complete. Satoru recruits the next generation of wizards in Jujutsu Kaisen, claiming that they will one day surpass his own strength. When you consider Satoru’s power, that’s saying a lot, but Yuta, Yuji, and Megumi all show promise. Tengen may not be as dedicated to teaching as Satoru, but his interactions with Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke can be termed mentoring. Tengen demonstrates what it takes to be a Hashira while fighting alongside the three young Demon Slayers.

Tengen & Satoru are both acting suspicious despite fighting for each other.

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The introduction of Tengen at the commencement of the Entertainment District arc is fraught with controversy. Because of Tengen’s questionable behaviour, Tanjiro refuses to recognise Tengen’s status as Hashira. In a different way than Tengen, Satoru Gojo is suspicious. Rather of kidnapping his subordinates, Gojo supports his suspicions by serving men with whom he openly disagrees. Satoru murders cursed spirits for a group of corrupt senior officials instead of using his authority to rebuild jujutsu society.

Both men are very tall and very charismatic

The physical similarities between Satoru Gojo and Tengen Uzui are striking. Both have stunning grey hair and are really sexy. They are also both taller than six feet. Gojo is three inches shorter than Tengen Uzui, who stands at 6’3′′.

Satoru & Tengen lost loved ones to the dark side

In the upcoming season of Jujutsu Kaisen, Satoru Gojo’s background will be scrutinised. Fans of the manga are already aware that the new season will focus on Gojo’s previous connection with Suguru Geto. To summarise, until Suguru turned his back on the jujutsu world, Gojo and Geto were best friends and peers in Tokyo Jujutsu High.


Tengen’s narrative is similar, but instead of a best friend, it involves his father and brothers. Tengen abandoned his father’s mission after training alongside his siblings as the last shinobi, leaving behind a brother whose mind was trapped in a web of falsehoods and malicious intent.

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