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10 best episodes to rewatch

With its tale focusing on Tanjiro and Nezuko, Demon Slayer gained a following. Rewatching the episodes that hooked viewers is always a treat.

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Demon Slayer has dominated for the past two years. With its plot of two siblings who team up to combat demons and its gorgeously drawn fight scenes, the series quickly gained a following.
Demon Slayer drew even more attention and became the highest-earning anime picture of 2020, grossing more than $500 million.It’s always a pleasure to rewatch the episodes that initially got fans hooked.

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Cruelty hooks you like no other

The first episode of any series is crucial since it has the ability to either hook or further alienate a potential fan by the conclusion. The episode “Cruelty” is an excellent example of grabbing the audience’s attention, since it begins with Tanjiro desperately trying to lift his injured sister, Nezuko.

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He has no idea how the demon’s bite has harmed her at this point, but his intense desire to save her is apparent. It’s this same desire that drives Tanjiro to use all his might to protect her from Giyu, the Water Hashira, and begin training to become a Demon Slayer.

“Sabito & Makomo” Reminds Tanjiro He’s Not Alone

Tanjiro, like any other shonen anime character, has a number of qualities that fans admire. When it comes to her goal of finding a solution for Nezuko, one of her best qualities is her proactive spirit. He is, nonetheless, determined to be self-sufficient by taking control of everything.

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When faced with the seemingly insurmountable task of cutting through a big boulder, Tanjiro learns from others in the episode “Sabito and Makomo.”Without Sabito and Makomo’s help, Tanjiro would not have developed into the skilled swordsman he is today.

The satisfying revenge in “Final Selection”

I When Tanjiro was given the task of surviving a week on Mount Fujikasane while facing the demons trapped there in the episode “Final Selection,” the odds looked stacked against him. Fortunately, his years of training and the tutelage of Sakonji Urokodaki help him to move forward instinctively.

However, the appearance of a shapeshifting demon inspires a different kind of fear in him. The transformed demon does not hide his bloodthirsty mission to eliminate all the children of Urokodaki. So seeing Tanjiro revenge his forefathers and make Urokodaki happy was quite satisfying.

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The disturbing appearance of “Muzan Kibutsuji”

Muzan Kibutsuji, the main antagonist of Demon Slayer, is the demons’ powerful but elusive leader for a reason. His special blood type grants other demons strength, and his ability to blend in with the human population makes him tough to arrest.

After learning his identity, Tanjiro is surprised to not only smell Kibutsuji’s scent, but also to accidentally meet him. Tanjiro must face the sad reality: Kibutsuji is not a demon like the others, because he is too fast and too powerful to fight alone.

Rest and healing are possible at “The House with the Wisteria Family Crest.”

With all of the intense battles and heart-pounding meetings with demons, the show constantly reminds viewers that despite all of the characters are strong, they are still human at the end of the day. They are hence vulnerable to injury. In this case, it’s broken ribs.

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The episode “The House With The Wisteria Family Crest” takes a break from fighting in order to allow Zenitsu, Tanjiro, and Inosuke to rest and fully recover. This is much needed for the trio because the following episodes really put them to the test.

“The boar bares its fangs, Zenitsu sleeps” reveals Zenitsu’s abilities

Zenitsu is a character who many people can – and possibly have – misjudged, which is understandable given his first appearance, in which he is shown lamenting and attempting to avoid his duties as a Demon Slayer. He is also terrified all of the time. Zenitsu, unlike Tanjiro, had no intention of picking up a Demon Sword, much less joining the Demon Slayer Corps. It was only because of his grandfather’s strict teaching and discipline. Zenitsu’s secret side and the Thunder Breathing method are revealed in “The boar flashes its fangs, Zenitsu sleeps. Zenitsu turns out to be stronger and faster than he appears, much to the delight of his supporters. Regrettably, this only occurs while he is sleeping.

The “Hashira Meeting” brings out the Hashira

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The Hashira are the highest-ranking members of the Demon Slayer Corps. They are known for being the best swordsmen. The first Hashira to arrive is Giyu, although it’s clear that he’s on a far higher level than Tanjiro. His exceptional powers demonstrate how hard he and the rest of the Hashira labour to aid in the battle against the demons. This episode paints a bigger picture of the powerful and eccentric warriors who take on the most dangerous missions.

Zenitsu unlocks a new level of power in “There’s only one thing you need to master”

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It’s hard to discuss Zenitsu without mentioning his series’ most epic scene. This is demonstrated in the episode “You Must Master A Single Thing,” in which he unleashes the sixfold form of his attack known as Thunder Breathing, First Form: Thunder Clap, and Flash.This leads to a lightning-fast Zenitsu looking like a golden blur as he moves at full speed until he finally kills the poisonous spider demon.

Although Zenitsu can only do the first type of Thunder Breathing, his grandfather encourages him to learn it to the best of his abilities.

Tanjiro‘s Mental Fortitude Is Truly Tested In “Move Forward”

It’s no secret that Tanjiro is willing to push himself to improve. Whether it’s intense physical exercises or training to develop his lungs, Tanjiro does not back down from a challenge.  The “Move Forward” episode of the Mugen Train arc challenges him in a new way, through his unconscious. Tanjiro must show great mental strength to overcome this ordeal because, in order to fight Enmu, he must resist the art of the blood demon trying to put him to sleep.

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“Hinokami” demonstrates the superior teamwork of the Kamado siblings. Tanjiro uses Hinokami Kagura

Tanjiro‘s Water Breathing Method is a hypnotic but ultimately deadly (at least to demons) sword technique. But even with his skills, Tanjiro comes to rely on Nezuko and her enhanced abilities throughout the series, especially when it comes to protecting humans. “Hinokami” shows the combined efforts of Tanjiro and Nezuko in the most monumental way, and fans are begging for more.

Tanjiro uses his father’s specific breathing techniques to create Hinokami Kagura: Dance, which combines with Nezuko’s new abilities in combat against Rui, a deceptive demon. Their parents would undoubtedly be proud of them.

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