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10 Anime Villains Tengen Uzui Could Defeat

Tengen Uzui of Demon Slayer is a formidable opponent, capable of taking out a wide variety of anime villains. With his arsenal of improved shinobi ammunition, spectacular dual nichirin blades, and mastery of sonic breathing, Tengen Uzui is an anime force to be reckoned with.

Tengen demonstrated his power in the Demon Slayer realm by rising to the top of the Demon Slayer Corps. Hashira’s rank is an important landmark for individuals who find themselves in Koyoharu Gotouge’s Demon Slayer. If fans want to quantify strength outside of this universe, they must consider power systems and canonical displays of force.

Tengen’s Enhanced Hearing directly counters Enmu’s Blood Demon Art

Tengen’s power can be measured by contrasting him with Enmu before looking outside the demon slayer mythos. One of Muzan Kibutsuji’s most powerful subordinates is the major antagonist of the Mugen Train storyline. By gazing his opponents in the eyes, Enmu possesses the ability to send them to sleep.

There should be no doubting Tengen’s ability to escape Enmu’s fate. The firm grip he has on his past and the glowing way he embraces his present life would make it impossible for Enmu to deceive him. Tengen would use his increased sense of hearing to avoid eye contact with Enmu’s Blood Demon Art if it came down to a demonstration of martial strength.

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Unless Himiko Toga stole a stronger hero’s quirk, Tengen would easily put her down

Himiko may be the My Hero Academia universe’s most popular villain, but her vampiric quirk is still too young to pose a threat to Tengen Uzui. Unless the rising villain was able to fully manage Tengen’s peculiarity and steal the blood of a more powerful character, Tengen’s head would be bouncing through the mud in seconds.

My Hero Academia How old is Toga

Zabuza’s Tricks are unable to counter Tengen’s Echolocation and Saber Skill

Tengen Uzui is unique among the Hashira due to his background as a shinobi. Much like the shinobi in Naruto, Tengen, like the shinobi in Naruto, was taught the abilities of stealth, deception, and martial combat. As a result, he is the ideal opponent for the ninjas who inhabit Naruto’s world.

Of course, the kekkei genkai pushes Naruto’s shinobi to a whole new scale of power, but the Hidden Mist Demon never inherited that power. Although Zabuza’s incredible ability to manipulate water and mist is difficult for Tengen to adapt, the sonic-breathing Hashira eventually understands the rhythm of Zabuza’s attacks.

Tengen has experience dealing with a villain like Kombu Infinity

One Punch Man’s tiger-level menace was no match for the Caped Baldy. During his brief visit to Z City, Kombu Infinity used his tentacles to wipe down two A-rank heroes before being chased out by Saitama. Tengen’s battle with Kombu Infinity will resemble Tengen’s battle with Daki. Uzui will triumph again unless Kombu proves his tentacles are more poignant than those of Upper Ranked demons in the future.

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If Admiral Zhao could be defeated by a teenager, Tengen would have no trouble bringing him down

Avatar: The Last Airbender’s superhuman talents are astounding, but General Zhao is no firebending prodigy. Even after a lifetime of practise, he was vanquished by Zuko, a kid who had spent his whole life trying to master the skill of firebending.

Tengen Uzui will undoubtedly defeat the enraged Admiral, just as Zuko was able to defeat Zhao by devoting his time to martial arts training. Hashira is a skilled swordsman who possesses more martial arts abilities than both Zuko and Zhao combined.

Commander Zhao

Nen can counter Tengen ‘s breathing techniques , but Nobunaga Hazama would eventually be defeated

The Phantom Troupe’s resident swordsman should never be taken lightly. Hunter X Hunter’s Nobunaga has nen-enhancing abilities that make his sword swings incredibly deadly. Tengen, meanwhile, is a powerful shinobi with abilities enhanced by mastering sound breathing.

While there’s no way to prove that Sound Breathing is powerful enough to rival a nen enhancer, Tengen’s signature ability, Musical Score, would give him the ability to defeat Nobunaga, provided he manages to stay alive long enough to bring it into play.

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Eruka Frog’s tadpole bombs aren’t enough to stop Tengen

The Soul Eater mythos features Eruka Frog, a formidable witch. For a short time, her magic was even potent enough to persuade Medusa of her worthiness as an ally. Tengen often slays demons with powerful bloodthirsty demonic arts, akin to the magic behind Eruka’s tadpole bombs, thus whether his magic is as deliberate as it is mighty shouldn’t be questioned.

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Musical Score is the perfect counterweight to Wrath’s Ultimate Eye

The fight between King Bradley and Tengen from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood would be exceedingly difficult for both sides. Wrath has the advantage of experience and the Ultimate Eye, while Tengen has the advantage of youth, stealth, and a technique known as Musical Score.

The Ultimate Eye and Musical Score enable their owners to better their swordsmanship through the use of limited precognitive abilities. With both of these talents effectively nullified, and the presumption that both King Bradley and Tengen have pushed their bodies to their limits, stamina is the only deciding factor – that, and Tengen’s knowledge of the poison he carries as a shinobi.

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Emperor Pilaf has never been a physical threat to his opponents

One of the weakest anime villains of all time is the original antagonist of the Dragon Ball series. Pilaf’s greatest strength was constructing traps that let him to flee from the young Saiyan, despite his valiant service as a counterbalance to Goku. Tengen, the Demon Slayer, would have no trouble thwarting Pilaf’s traps and defeating him.

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In a game of wits and distraction, Kenny Ackerman brings superhuman strength

Kenny’s Ackerman blood gives him power and speed that would put the normal man to shame in Attack on Titan. Mikasa’s strength is best demonstrated when he lifts a handful of steel beams, each weighing around 40 pounds per foot.

If Kenny’s strength is equivalent to Mikasa’s, the two of them should be able to lift over 2000 pounds with ease. This strength is undoubtedly greater than Tengen’s, but Hashira’s shinobi training and heightened hearing would allow him to take down Kenny before the Ackerman even realised he was approaching.

Kenny Ackerman Anime Youth

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