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10 Anime Characters Tengen Would Love To Work With

Tengen from Demon Slayer prefers to surround himself with a mix of attractive and powerful companions, and there are characters from other anime series with whom he would like to collaborate. Thousands of anime fans have fallen in love with Tengen Uzui’s colourful attitude and outstanding swordsmanship skills.

Tengen has shown to be a vital member of the Demon Slayer Corps since becoming a major part of the Demon Slayer Team in the most recent Entertainment District arc. Tengen has also demonstrated that he likes to surround himself with a mix of attractive and powerful allies at all times. Tengen has demonstrated a capacity to capture the hearts of ladies, children, and even a pair of extraordinarily muscular mice in his brief tenure on Demon Slayer.

The God of Parties Would Fit Perfectly Next To Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo stands out like a sore thumb in a world as dark as the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. Despite his many encounters with the darkest aspects of the human mind, Satoru never loses his bombastic demeanour.

His ability to keep a smile through the turmoil is something Tengen Uzui, the Demon Slayer, respects more than anything. Of course, if the personalities of Tengen and Satoru ever clash, Uzui could be content with the fact that Gojo’s super-powered curse technique makes him an indispensable ally.

Tengen could teach Hisoka the difference between cheerfulness and fear

The clown who haunts Hunter X Hunter’s world scarcely qualifies as a hero. His hedonistic behaviour around Gon and Killua should be enough to destroy him, yet Hisoka’s effervescent personality continues to win people.

After bonding over their affinity for red-handed, Tengen and Hisoka quickly bonded over the loss of their limbs and then spent the rest of their lives trading makeup tips. Fans can easily imagine the morning workout routines that follow their flashy slumber parties, with Hisoka creepily licking his lips while Tengen gloats about the versatility of bungee gum.

All Might’s strength and bold personality would attract Tengen Uzui’s handsome smile

All Might, the ray of hope for multitudes of aspiring young heroes, may not be the man he once was, but he hasn’t lost his way in My Hero Academia. The personality behind All Might still resides within Toshinori Yagi’s fragile body, despite the fact that most of his strength has been taken from his previously unbreakable body. Tengen Uzui of Demon Slayer would like to work alongside Japan’s greatest hero because this personality is brave enough to scream every time he goes into a room.

Miss Blizzard Would Fit In Perfectly Alongside Tengen’s Three Women

Nothing, not even the leader of the Blizzard Group, could possibly draw the eye of the Demon Slayer Corps’ flashiest staple. Tengen would have no problem teaming up with Fubuki, the powerful One-Punch Man esper, after viewing the small harem of Class B superheroes that Fubuki has assembled.

Tengen’s self-assured demeanour is also something Fubuki could learn a lot from. Tengen would fit perfectly in with the satirical universe of One-Punch Man as long as the two avoided touch with the demonic cyborg Genos.

Naruto’s shinobi training goes even further than Tengen’s

Tengen Uzui being released into Naruto’s world would shatter the Demon Slayer myths’ power scale. By inventing a simple power system that offers the average character additional skills through breathing methods, Demon Slayer has managed to beat classics like Naruto.

Tengen strengthens his abilities by employing a variety of techniques he acquired while studying to become a shinobi. Tengen would easily exceed the greatest members of the Demon Slayer Corps if his eyes were ever enlightened to the concepts of chakra, ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu.

A scarred past and a rowdy personality are just two things Black Star and Tengen have in common.

Soul Eater’s Black Star, along with Tengen Uzui, is one of the most colourful characters in the anime genre. With a chip on his shoulder, Black Star navigates the realm of Soul Eater as the lone surviving member of the famed Star Clan.

Tengen and Black Star have something in common. Tengen abandoned his father and sibling before joining the Demon Slayer Corps, leaving behind his shinobi clan to forge his own path. This commonality would make Tengen a great ally and mentor to Black Star.

Usopp’s versatile skills make him a valuable ally

Usopp from One Piece is one of the Straw Hats’ most adaptable characters. Usopp is a skilled diplomat, engineer, strategist, and artist who is well known for his shooting abilities. Tengen from Demon Slayer would have no problem teaming up with Usopp.

While the Sound Hashira uses his swordsman skills to get in close, Usopp could rely on his sharpshooting skills, provided he packs a few wisteria-tipped bullets.

Filo’s selflessness would easily win the heart of the Sound Hashira

Filo’s selflessness would win the Sound Hashira’s heart effortlessly. Filo from The Rising of the Shield Hero swiftly established herself as one of the top supporting characters in the current anime generation. Filo has learnt what it means to selflessly dedicate herself to her allies as the mainstay of a character many perceive to be nothing more than a supporting role. This fact alone makes Filo a worthy ally of Demon Slayer’s Tengen Uzui.

Tokyo Manji Gang’s Leader Mikey Could Teach Tengen Some Leadership Lessons

The prolific martial artist and leader of the Tokyo Manji gang would be a valuable asset next to Tengen Uzui. Both characters are born leaders who recruit by honestly demonstrating their strengths and weaknesses.

Mikey of the Tokyo Revengers might be able to teach Tengen a thing or two about recruiting. Sound Hashira’s introduction revealed that his tactics border on kidnapping, something Mikey would never undertake when recruiting teammates. In exchange for training in breathing techniques and fencing, Mikey would undoubtedly offer some guidance to his new ally.

Asuka reportedly immediately volunteered to join Tengen on his adventure through the Entertainment District.

Evangelion’s Asuka in a plug-in suit stands confidently. Tengen Uzui would be a great ally and mentor for Evangelion’s Unit 2’s strong-willed pilot. Of course, the mental gymnastics required to incorporate Asuka’s Evangelion unit into the Demon Slayer universe make it difficult for viewers to envision these two characters collaborating.

Still, Tengen responded to Asuka’s tenacity with the patience few of his Neon Genesis Evangelion peers offered. Asuka would also give Tengen a leg up on characters like Muzan Kibutsuji in his giant mecha suit.

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